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Kara dioguardi vs bikini girl


January 14th, Darrell then snapped, "your demonstration wasn't any better. It was probably a good call to wear the bikini at the end of the day," DioGuardi told Seacrest. But pretty and cute It's a visual medium. You're going to see people on the covers and in the press.

Remember when former American Idol...

I'm a big champion of women. Lol Kara sang it better. But I'd lie too if I wanted to get on a girl in a bikini's good side. Actually, Kara should thank Bikini girl cuz everyone hates bikini girl so much most ppl are on kara's side.


And yes definite butterface. I'm so done with Idol after Simon said singing doesn't matter with Britney. However, that new judge needs to STFU and sit down. Talk about trying to hard, and that girl is a lot better than MOST of the singers they let through. Just because she picked a song that was too much for her, doesn't mean she can't sing at all. Taylor, Ruben, Clay, etc yet they always try to get the gorgeous girls on the show.

Dubbed "Bikini Girl," she and...

She has a band with Legendary Dave Stewart. And your comment is pretty much very insulting You must be VERY ignorant about the creative process. And why did her calling her a bitch blow it for you? You've never called anybody a "bitch" or Kara dioguardi vs bikini girl I don't get it These place breeds vapid insults.

And I've posted this a thousand times today here's Kara singing with Dave Stewart whom, I doubt you know. Reply Parent Thread Link. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Okay, do you have any idea where that video came from? Because it just showed up on YouTube last night, and I want to know why this person has been sitting on it all these years.

Kara calling her a bitch is what made me love her forever. They needed Kara back in season 6. She's what the show needs.

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It's like we've bitched and moaned for YEARS about people with subpar voices getting by on looks, personality, or gimmicks over the talent. Imagine what Kara would have done last season with Michael Johns getting the boot? And, surprise, an idiot. She wrote my favorite Paris Hilton songs. I love Screwed and Jealousy. Bikini girl can't sing. From a technical standpoint, she's straining her voice, off key, and thinks that by waggling her bottom jaw, she'll produce a vibrato.

What she does, however, is prove that sex sells in modern society.

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They are both annoying lol. Why'd they have to go and get a fourth judge. No one has ever heard of you, bb, and now you're on the highest rated show on TV and you're belting out Mariah hoping to impress us.

Yes, she was Kara dioguardi vs bikini girl than bikini girl, but it was like. I feel like such a bitch for rolling my eyes over the guy whose wife just died. It seemed so fake, like something a guy would tell you in order to get a sympathy lay.

I guess I'm just a cold-hearted cynical bitch, especially when it comes to men. Because seriously, with that voice, she might damn well need to. Log in No account? Katrina Darrell aka “Bikini girl” thinks Kara DioGuardi made a fool of herself during the surprise performance on the American Idol finale.

For one brief moment during Wednesday night's "American Idol" finale, it seemed as if Kara DioGuardi and Kara dioguardi vs bikini girl "Bikini Girl" Darrell had.

'Bikini Girl' Brings Out the Fight in New 'Idol' Judge Kara DioGuardi set DioGuardi off, but suddenly there we were, witnessing a Judge vs.

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