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Should i stay with a cheater


Even a recent study shows that many couples do stay together after one partner cheats.

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Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity. So we wanted to know, what is it that makes real women stay with a lover who did them dirty? I was starting out in the entertainment industry and had a really inconsistent schedule with crazy hours. Not only was he cheating on me, but he was also using a popular dating app to help him. He was honest and confessed to cheating several times with two different women—and even once with another guy.

When it all came out, I felt numb, sick, and angry for a long time. But, we stayed together, and here is why. I felt I could at least support his treatment, and it was something we could work on together. The relationship feels nothing like it did before he cheated and, at times, when I do have to work late or travel, I get a little uneasy. At the time of "Should i stay with a cheater" indiscretions, we were both unhappy with the relationship.

We cared for each and had been friends for Should i stay with a cheater before deciding to date, so, in an effort to salvage what remained of our relationship and friendship, we agreed to try to change.

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We also started doing more and different things together, like getting out of the city to hike, kayak, or just going for a drive. The experience was brutal, raw, earth-shattering, all-consuming, and horrible! I was completely blindsided, and thought we had a great marriage. Just to be clear, we did not stay together for the kids.

We sought professional help and took a long, hard look at what we still had left. It was difficult and took hard work rebuilding the love in place of the betrayal. Things are amazing now that we know what we really need and expect from each other.

We still fight from time to time but resolve Should i stay with a cheater much faster. Every now and again I am immature and throw the affair in his face but very seldom and I always feel horrible afterwards. I guess I still like to play the guilt card.

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Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. Your November Horoscope. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Instagram. Even a recent study shows that many couples do stay together after one partner cheats. Infidelity, while damaging, doesn't have to be the end of the relationship.

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“Am I a fool to consider staying with her? Could I ever believe she really loves me ? Will I ever quit thinking about the two of them together?. Few things are as sobering as realizing that someone you love and trust and committed what some consider to be the ultimate betrayal.

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