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Cat lover hookup video bobby vinton


Although attendees' pets were banned from the gathering, CatCon LA was a massive celebration for all things cats, featuring the latest cat products, to feline art, awards, and celebrity cat meet-and-greets.

CatCon is basically the internet IRL. As any gathering ending with the word Con, attendees were decked out on theme, sporting the latest and greatest cat fashion. From fuzzy cat ears and tattoos to full-on cat face paint, here are the best looks from CatCon LA Makeup artist Kaleb Lewis, 24, and his friend Kaytee Robles, 37, both of Santa Clarita came fully decked out in incredible cat painted faces over some foam latex prosthetics to give them shape. Kaleb said it took him about four hours Cat lover hookup video bobby vinton do both of their faces before CatCon Sunday.

And, yes, he did his own.

100% Guaranteed!

Maria Minder, 60, of Ventura said she thinks she's got about cat tattoos. When asked how many total she had, she simply replied, "I forget. Bobby and Colleen Bristow, of Burbank, California, walk arm-in-arm through the convention hall floor. Colleen is dressed as Miel the cat. Miel is french for honey. Johnny Vinton, 48, of Hollywood proudly wears his pinned and patched jean jacket full of cat love.


Riley Carpenter, 20, and Anthony Olivares, 21, both of Long Beach, pose in feather boas and cat paws at one of the many booths offering cool cat-themes selfies. Together they have one cat, Kiwi, whom they adore.

Sarah, 28, and Jeremiah, 39, Blessinger pose in one of the many booths set up to take awesome cat-inspired selfies with costumes and fun props. Catstradamus poses for a picture with Johnny Vinton, 48, of Hollywood on the convention hall floor.

During a meet-n-greet, Peter Schultz, right, of Fairbanks, Alaska, poses for a picture with one of the most famous cats ever, Lil Bub, and her owner Mike Bridavsky. Lots of comfortable cat lounges, and places for cat naps were built into the Convention Center for Cat lover hookup video bobby vintonwhich welcomed tens of thousands of cat lovers to the Pasadena Convention Center August 12 and Gary Batsch, 60, of Bakersfield, California, came dressed as a tuxedo cat in a tuxedowith his handlebar mustache made into whiskers inspired by his friend's actual cat.

Christine Fax-Huckaby of San Diego wears a cat head she recently received as a birthday gift, and that she has nicknamed "Sweaty Cat. Jasmine Hancock 24, of Corona, California, sports a pair of cat tights she picked up at a boutique in Venice. She's gotten told before by colleagues that they weren't appropriate for the office, but she knew they'd be a big hit at CatCon.

We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Culture Like Follow Follow. Adorable cat runs on field at Major League Baseball game and does NOT want to leave As any gathering ending with the word Con, attendees were decked out on theme, sporting the latest and greatest cat fashion.

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Vinton Video Cat Hookup Lover...

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