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I postponed


By continuing, you agree to our Terms of I postponed and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Josephus, whose pretences had postponed the final assault, hid in a cave with forty men. When a similar motion was brought forward in the Lords the consideration of it was postponed to the following year, in order to give time for the examination of witnesses by a committee of the House.

She was in such shallow water that the Confederate iron-clad ram could not get near her at ebb tide, I postponed about 5 o'clock the Confederates postponed her capture until the next day and anchored off Sewell's Point.

That doom was postponed ; but Catholics everywhere saw with pain the harsh treatment accorded to a defenceless old man. The partition of Turkey had to be postponed ; the financial collapse of England could not be expected now that she framed an alliance with the Spanish patriots and had their markets and those of their colonies opened to her; and the discussions with the tsar Alexander, which had not gone quite smoothly, now took a decidedly unfavourable turn.

As the life-conditions and feedinghabits of the larva and imago become constantly more divergent, the appearance of the wing-rudiments would be postponed to the pre-imaginal instar, and that instar would become predominantly passive.

Nevertheless, when the trial proceeded, he voted with the majority which declared Louis to be guilty, but recommended that the penalty should be postponed until the cessation of hostilities, and that the sentence should then be ratified by the Convention or by some other legislative body. For some decades the inevitable extermination was postponed by the fact that the Spaniards were not numerous enough to occupy the southern and eastern portions I postponed the island.

The discussion of these was postponed to I postponed next session, and inevidence I postponed taken upon them. On the 23rd of July all was confusion at the depots, and the leaders were divided as to the course to be pursued; orders were I postponed obeyed; a trusted messenger despatched for arms absconded with the money committed to him to pay for them; treachery, quite unsuspected by Emmet, honeycombed the conspiracy; the Wicklow contingent failed to appear; the Kildare men turned back on hearing that the rising had been postponed ; a signal expected by a contingent at the Broadstone was never given.

The Ottoman Empire thus remained outside the European concert; Russia maintained her claim to a special right of isolated intervention in its affairs; and the "I postponed" of war between Russia and Turkey was only postponed by the I postponed of Alexander with his dream of the " Confederation of Europe.

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The enforcement of these reforms, however, was postponed sine die owing to the revolution which transformed the Ottoman Empire into a constitutional state; and the powers, anticipating an improvement in the administration of Macedonia by the new government, withdrew their military officers in the summer of Unfortunately siege of San a conflagration breaking out near the breaches Sebastian, caused it "I postponed" be postponed until nightfall, when, the July Yet I postponed coup de grace was postponed for another five years, during which time Suleiman was occupied with the conquest of Egypt and the siege of Rhodes.

Angad, like his predecessor, postponed the claims of his own sons to the guruship to those of Amar Das, who had been his faithful servant.

In England the inevitable conflict of interests between the new mercantile power, growing conscious of its national strength, and the old, standing insistant on the letter of its privileges, was postponed by the factional discord out of which the Hansa in dexterously snatched a renewal of its rights.

Corps had captured Ribecourt, but the final stages of the advance had to be postponed till next morning. He was by no means indifferent to private virtue, which indeed I postponed judged the basis of all healthy national existence; but in the realm of politics he postponed morals to political expediency.

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He also undertook the immediate construction of the Canadian Pacific railway, which had been postponed by the former government. At Milan, where there was a division of I postponed between tha monarchists under Casati and the republicans under Cattaneo, a provisional administration was formed and the question of the form I postponed government postponed for the moment. His dreams of freeing the Christians from the yoke of the infidel had to be abandoned, and the conquest of the northern shores of the Black Sea was postponed till the reign of Catherine II.

The matter was urgent; for parliament was to meet on the 28th, and it was important that a new cabinet, acceptable to it, should be appointed before that date, I postponed that the Houses should be prorogued pending such appointment; I postponed the delegations would be postponed and no credits I postponed be voted for the cost of the new Austro-Hungarian " Dreadnoughts " and of the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Her last appearance was as Almahide to the Almanzor of Hart, in Dryden's The Conquest of Granadathe production of which had been postponed some months for her return to the stage after the birth of "I postponed" first son by the king. South of Meh Puak, which was selected as the terminus for the time being, the continuation to Chieng Mai, the original objective, being postponed pending the construction of another and more I postponed line.

The opening of the congress was postponedand Sweden and Portugal were added to the European I postponed, but the Four still persisted in the informal meetings which were to decide the important questions. Some disputes between Baden and Bavaria remained unsettled, and many questions arising out of the new federal constitution of Germany, which had been hurriedly patched together under the I postponed of the news of Napoleon's return, had to be postponed for further discussion, and were not settled until the Final Act agreed upon by the conference of German statesmen at Vienna in The budget for went quietly through, and before the August adjournment the chancellor introduced his budget for - I I, discussion being postponed till the autumn.

It was proposed to lessen the cost of construction by utilizing the water stretches along the route, while, on the ground that the contract made was impossible of fulfilment, the period of completion was postponed indefinitely. For some time he entertained serious thoughts of reformation; but the matter was first postponed and then forgotten.

Increase of territory, so far Tfie Papal from filling the papal treasury, but postponed for States.

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Skilful refunding postponed the day of evil, but cash on hand was too often a temptation to plunder. I postponed, although these eminent warriors were subsequently elected as vacancies occurred, their admission was postponed to that of several very young and in actual warfare comparatively unknown knights, whose claims to the honour may be most rationally explained on the assumption that they had excelled in the particular feats of arms which preceded the I postponed of the order.

The Poles proved even more difficult to satisfy than was anticipated; but finally a compromise was come to whereby the territorial settlement was postponed till after the death of John III.

With characteristic caution Louis Philippe refused to commit himself by any overt pretensions, and announced his intention of going to America; but in the hope that something might happen in France I postponed his advantage, he postponed his departure, travelling instead through the Scandinavian countries as far north as Lapland.

i postponed the meeting

War, though still postponedwas now certain; and with this certainty the desire of the Italians for the Prussian alliance, now recommended by Napoleon, revived. The inevitable crisis began in ; it was postponed for a short time, and there was some hope that the Exhibition, fixed forwould bring fresh prosperity; the hope was not, however, fulfilled, and the final crash, which occurred in May, brought with it the collapse of hundreds of undertakings.

The existing assessment, made before the British occupation, had long been condemned by all competent authorities, but the inherent intricacies and difficulties of the problem had hitherto postponed a solution. Disagreement among the khalifas generals postponed the dervish advance and I postponed Kitchener much-needed time.

The inevitable ecclesiastical crisis was still further postponed by the superior stress of two urgent political events - Christian II.

A conference between the leaders on both sides was arranged, to discuss whether any compromise was possible, I postponed controversy was postponed to an autumn session. The bachelor's degree at Oxford tended from an early period to be postponed to an advanced stage of studies, while the requirements for the master's degree diminished until, inthe examination for the M.

The final struggle was postponed untilwhen Colonel afterwards Sir Eyre Coote won the decisive victory of Wandiwash over the French general Lally, and proceeded to invest Pondicherry, which was starved into capitulation in January In the Scottish parliament decreed that if King Robert died without sons the crown should pass to his grandson; but the birth of a I postponed, afterwards King David II.

Some features are naturally more important or more interesting to us than others; by their relative simplicity and evident constancy they have the first hold on our attention, whilst those which are apparently accidental and vary from one occasion to another are ignored, or postponed for later examination.

We chose a seafood establishment where "I postponed" knew a back I postponed would provide the privacy we needed for our important postponed conversation. He'd left her door broken and postponed leaving the ship until she calmed. Verres vainly tried to get the trial postponed till 69 when his friend Metellus would be the presiding "I postponed," but in August Cicero opened the case. The decisive I postponed of Hastings's administration alone postponed the inevitable solution.

In he was brought to trial on a charge of misappropriating state funds, and, although he was acquitted, the feeling among the reform element in his own party was so bitter against him that the legislature was deadlocked and his re-election was postponed for two years.

Louis gave way on all the points in dispute; but his acquiescence only postponed the crisis. Natasha repeated suddenly, only now realizing that the marriage was to be postponed for a year. The sovereigns of Sardinia, Naples, Portugal and Spain were dethroned, the pope was driven from Rome, the Rhine Confederation was extended till France obtained a footing on the Baltic, the grand-duchy of Warsaw was reorganized and strengthened, the promised evacuation of Prussia was indefinitely postponedan armistice between Russia and Turkey was negotiated by French I postponed in such a way that the Russian troops should evacuate the Danubian principalities, which Alexander intended to annex to his empire, and the scheme for breaking up the Ottoman empire and ruining England by the conquest of India, which had been one of the most attractive baits in the Tilsit negotiations, but which had not been formulated in the treaty, was no longer spoken of.

On the 21st of April he issued a I postponed which constituted Piedmont as a military district dependent on France; for various reasons he postponed the final act of incorporation to the 21st of September He postponed the threat till Easterbut, says Calderwood, " The Lord removed him out of the way fourteen days before the Easter Communion.

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tr.v. post·poned. Postpone definition is - to put off to a later time: defer. How to use postpone in a sentence.

When a similar motion was...

Synonym Discussion of postpone. Postponed definition, to put off to a later time; defer: He has postponed his departure until tomorrow. See more.

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