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No one is gay in Batley. Sexuality now falls between the lines: And the reaction of the celebrities involved has morphed, too, into a refusal to play the naming game.

If Cara Delevingne tells Vogue that she loves her girlfriend, then that, too, adds to the picture. The more people who are out, the more normal it becomes; the less alone a confused kid in a small town looking at gossip websites might feel; the less baffled the parent of a teenager who brings home a same-sex date might be.

For the uninitiated, I asked her to explain. In fact, among the young British people I spoke to, geography is vital. Lucy, 25, wonders if the Adult bisexual nude positions of people who say they are not straight really tallies with the number of people who are actually acting upon those desires.

She also believes it is more of a metropolitan story than necessarily representative of Britain as a whole. Many people questioning their sexuality make the traditional migration from a small town to a big city to find like-minded people — to find their tribe, to belong.

It is a familiar and understandable story that you hear across generations. But now, within these cities, the pubs and bars that were once a meeting point for non-straight people are beginning to disappear, swallowed up by the brutal economics of an obscene property market, because they are relatively niche spaces that cannot bring in the footfall of, say, a shiny, straight All Bar One.

At their best, they can feel like a joyful coming together of misfits, of all different types and persuasions.

In fact, the word queer, once the defiant reclamation of a homophobic slur, has become a ubiquitous term. Although this is very much still the case, there is also a definite shift towards an acceptance of people as they are — label or no label.

But it also relies on an idealised vision of an open-minded and kind society, which is true for the privileged world of, say, celebrities, but is not always the case elsewhere. Casual homophobia has not been erased by semantic optimism. John says a cab recently Adult bisexual nude positions his trip after pulling up to the kerb Adult bisexual nude positions seeing him kissing his boyfriend. These are small, but constant reminders that abuse, discrimination and prejudice are present and pernicious, in small towns and in big cities.

Buhl is openly bisexual and...

So if more young people reject heteronormativity, then that can only be a good thing, whether they act upon it, or not.

But there is power in claiming an identity, and it is worth remembering, too, that complacency may be as dangerous as labels.

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