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Need to pick up all my luggages at Chongqing airport and use the cart to carry all luggages from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. It's a LONG way. They even didn't mention the transfer process when I bought the ticket. Flew from Vancouver to Qingdao and despite my concerns after reading earlier reviews, the flight was great!

The seat was comfortable and reclined enough that you could actually sleep.

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I think I Asian canada cheap flight from from one of very few non-Chinese passengers on board and there was a bit of a language barrier, but the staff was super friendly and accomodating. I ended up with a middle seat, but the seat was comfortable and roomier than normal, so it wasn't so bad. Because of the two hour delay, I was going to miss my next flight.

I told the flight attendant about Asian canada cheap flight from from problem. She said that it would be fine, and they would help me once I landed. I got through customs and rushed to the airline desk.

They then told my that my connection flight had been delayed. I went through security, and I sat next to my gate. For hours it said delayed, but didn't give a new time. I asked the staff, and they said later. After four hours, I asked again, and they told me that the flight had left.

I asked another staff member, who told me that the flight had been canceled, and I needed to get a new ticket. I never got an answer as to whether the flight had been canceled, but I was not going to leave Xi'an that day. They sent me to a hotel, which was more than 20 minutes away from the airport.

In the morning, the airport transport was late, which caused even more stress. To top all of this off, I had to go to three different people for my ticket because there was some unknown problem. Crew and comfort good. Well organized and professional. Choice of music and movies very limited, and those vy average quality. For a 15 hour flight, they gave us lunch after 2 hours into takeoff and then dinner only 2 hours before landing.

Portions were small too. The snack only consisted of about 10 pieces of popcorn. Next time I'll know to bring my own food for sustenance. No water offered either. Mainland Chinese oriented airline, boarding time delayed without announcement, poor food, limited choice of entertainment for non-Chinese speakers. I lost my connection flight Asian canada cheap flight from from Hong Kong because aa have a delayed of 8 hours. Check-in process was smooth.

Boarding process was effortless. Price is very competitive. Lavatory conditions needed improvement floor of lavatory was wet most of the time during both journeys, some lavatories were closed without apparent reasons. The seats don't even recline, so I could not lie back to rest. The entertainment system was very bad, didn't provide earphones and could barely see the screen. I would not choose to fly this airline again. Overhead bins were full very quickly. The price and availability "Asian canada cheap flight from from" a plus.

Food and drinks was too. If leaving or arriving from HKG, you will be taking the shuttle on the Tarmack, so you maybe out in the weather for a few. They rescheduled my return flight a few hours earlier, but offered no compensation So what was the point in making the flight earlier? We got food two times, the food was pretty decent. The staff were nice. There were individual screens that had quite a few entertainment options, including games and flight information.

I heard a lot of nightmare stories about this airline but I actually enjoyed the flight. The price I got was also so worth it. The seats were not too comfortable. I also got cold while on the flight, even when I had long pants, long socks, a sweater and even the blanket they gave me. Apart from that it was pretty ok.

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Plane seats were small -- but as expected to be honest with you. It was never made clear in my itinerary that there was a stop at Hangzhou. I didn't realize there was a seperate flight until I checked in at the hotel. Flight boarded quickly and was on time. Food of fair to average quality was served.

Very nice to be offered blankets and a second round of beverages. The crew was friendly and efficient. The check-in was smooth and they explained how to get to the gate location. The flight left on-time and arrived early. The plane was very warm and the AC was either turned off or set to a high temperature. There was no cold drinks and no ice on the plane and drink service on the four hour flight was only immediately before and after dinner in a small cup. Bring something to drink with you.

Entertainment was a Chinese movie on a small overhead screen with English subtitles that were too small to read. Unlike other flights on the same airline, we were not offered a Asian canada cheap flight from from of meals. Pleased that the flight departed on time and arrived 50 minutes early.

Sad that waiting for my luggage frittered away the time we gained by arriving early. This is becoming the norm over the past several months for most airlines and airports. I do mind waiting with a false expectation of priority service. I really hope they will serve wine or liquor but that is okay. We were served only breakfast and lunch The steward serving food was excellent. No coffee nor drinks were offered after meals.

Food was good though. Smooth and hassle-free flight arrived on time despite taking off almost 30 mins late. I missed my connection to Washington DCA.

Had to rebook for another overnight flight on United, which gets me into IAD in the morning. That is an extra expense for me. Hainan Airlines would not provide overnight accommodation in Seattle. I had to cancel my fight because my name did not perfectly match my passport. I got no refund and had to pay for a new flight. Food service went by without a hitch, and the stewardesses knew English very well so we felt comfortable and welcomed. The only thing that brought my rating of this flight down was the fact that it was so hot in the plane!

My pregnant girlfriend did not particularly enjoy this flight. Punctual take off and landing, attentive crew, excellent entertainment system Especially for short haul flight. The crew was very nice and the aircraft was decent. The pilots very good.

All landings and takeoffs were very Asian canada cheap flight from from smooth. Beijing airport and the Chinese customs system but of course that is not the fault of air China.

Staff were nice but not friendly. Chairs were average comfort, could have been better. Worst part was that in a fourteen hour flight they only des us twice. And very limited wine. Only available once or twice during the flight.

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Number of crew and attentiveness; meal service on a short flight and efficiency in delivery. We were delayed a good amount, just sat on the runway.

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The entertainment system was modern, but not that many good, English-language movie or TV options. I found it difficult to get wine and black tea they served green - both of which are essentials for a long-haul flight.

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