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Is tim tebow catholic


Just a couple of nights ago, I returned home from teaching the Bible Study class at St Justin Martyr, and, exhausted, flopped down to watch the end of the national championship game for U.

But Tim Tebow, former quarterback...

From all accounts, Tebow is sincere in his beliefs. He was actually born in the Philippines, where his parents are missionaries.

They run, among other things, an orphanage. Tim himself often travels there to help out and preach to the kids there about Jesus Christ. The Philippines, as most are aware, is a heavily Catholic country.

During my Evangelical years, my own pastor and his family would travel to the Philippines and conduct crusades. I still possess a coffee mug he brought home for me. My wife whose parents were born in the Philippines and I still laugh about that mug. But we could just as easily shed tears. Unaware that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ Is tim tebow catholic is the true Church, they, Is tim tebow catholic convincing Filipinos to leave it, are unwittingly drawing them further from the touch of Christ.

If only they and their would-be evangelizers would heed the words of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, writing in his Epistle to the Smyrnaeans c.

Take note of those who hold heterodox opinions on the grace of Jesus Christ which has come to us, and see how contrary their opinions are to the mind of God … They abstain from the Eucharist and from prayer because they do not confess that the Eucharist is the flesh of our Savior Jesus Christ, the very same flesh which suffered for our sins and which the Father, in his goodness, raised up again.

They who deny the gift of God are perishing in their disputes. It is by the Eucharist, safeguarded in the Catholic Church, that we are physically reached and touched by Christ himself. I go to Catholic Mass with her and my children each Sunday and generally understand what differentiates my beliefs from Catholic doctrine.

Now, I pretty much agree with a majority of what true Catholics believe — Jesus Christ was the son of God — and we are saved through His blood shed on the cross and our faith in Him. I also am a fan of the fact that the Catholic Church does not give-in to the rapidly changing world-views on certain issues such as abortion and capital punishment. The Philippines may have a high Catholic population, but do you think that every single one of them is taking their faith seriously? My father was Baptized and raised in the Catholic Church, but he led a lifestyle that was contradictory to Is tim tebow catholic the Bible says and had no role models from his fellow Catholics who also lived in sin.

That is the problem I have with their followers, not necessarily the Church though. They distort the Bible to what they want Is tim tebow catholic believe in — Protestant churches are good at this Is tim tebow catholic. The thought that any church is perfect and infallible is a joke since churches are governed by man who is driven his sin nature.

This goes for Evangelical churches as well — think about all those money-driven televangelists who live extravagant lifestyles at the cost of those seeking help. In my humble opinion, churches are there for worshiping and praising God, hearing his Word, and having fellowship with those who share their Faith. This is essence of Christianity, and what most Evangelicals are getting back to. Now, I do have a somewhat unrelated question — if the Catholic church allowed me to marry my wife in their church because I was baptized in a non-Catholic churchwhy would they say that my faith is void without the Eurcharist?

Seems kind of odd. You raise a lot of questions that I think many others share.

But Tim Tebow, former quarterback...

Let me try and respond to them as best I can. First of all, to the issue of nominal Catholics: I was one of those nominal Catholics myself for years. And when Is tim tebow catholic serious attempt to follow the teachings of the Catholic Church is made, the result is someone like a Blessed Mother Teresa or a Saint John Bosco. The Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ. And, as you have noted, even some of her leaders have failed in their own personal lives to live out these ideals.

Remember, Judas was one of the Twelve. Christ said it, not us. And, truthfully, no one deserves this grace. It is sheer gift. If he had lived longer, we assume he would have gone on to receive baptism and the other sacraments, and become a vital member of the Church.

Tim Tebow Motivates, Challenges Catholics....

The point is that he responded to what he knew was the will of God at the time, and would have kept on responding has he known more about it. I would say something different: This was proclaimed by the Lord himself and Is tim tebow catholic from the earliest times. Yes, Christ wants to give you himself, the best gift of all.

Brent, once again, sincere thanks for the comment. Regarding Tim Tebow — I think the relationship he has with his coach Urban Meyer, a Catholic, sums up how him and his parents treat other Christian faiths. Tebow inspired his coach to take a mission trip to Central America and to speak with him at several prisons — Tebow is not trying to get his coach to move away from his Catholic faith, he is just inspiring him to put his faith into action. The outreach is there for those who do not know Is tim tebow catholic Gospel and do not have access to the Word of God.

An example of this is the life of Nate Saint http: Do you honestly think the Tebow family is going to aim at trying to convert the Catholics in a primarily Catholic country?

No, they are there aiming to help the poor and spreading the Word of God while doing so. Thanks for the links — although it seems a bit odd to think that these answers are unbiased as they are from a Catholic web site. They seem to be telling me to ignore what non-Catholics are saying about the inquisitions and the crusades.

Get journalism built for thinkers...

Many believe that salvation is only to Is tim tebow catholic found in the Catholic church. In the Roman Catholic worldview, the Bible derives its authority from the Church, not the other way around.

Is tim tebow catholic Bible is seen as just another Tradition of the church — one that was written down. From this viewpoint, any attempt to use the Bible to show the errors of Catholic tradition is a misuse of the Bible — because it is only really the official living teaching organ of the Church which correctly interprets "Is tim tebow catholic" true meaning of the Bible.

It is clear enough that the view of the reformers was not the general view of the church during the dark and middle ages. This is seen as proof enough that Jesus was in favor of the views of the Church at this time. Now, I feel this teaching has done more to undermine the authority of the Holy Scriptures than any other I know of. The practical result is that even now the majority of Roman Catholics never bother to read their Bibles.

An important principle in evangelical thinking is to allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. We will not die. Not only is the Lord God Himself consistently portrayed as the rock throughout both the Old and New Testaments, but the Scriptures go so far as to say that only the Lord God is our rock.

And you are My witnesses. Is there any God besides Me, Or is there any [other] Rock? I know of none. Truly then, Jesus is the foundation upon which the true church is built, not Peter. Peter therefore, cannot be the primary rock on which Jesus will build his church. As we will see, Peter himself did not have the stability or the stature to be the foundation rock upon which the eternal church of Christ was to be built. Peter denied the Lord during the trial of Christ.

And a few verses later in the Matthew 16 passage Jesus identifies Peter as being inspired by Satan Matthew According to Paul, Peter was in the wrong and stood condemned, and was not being straight forward about the truth of the gospel!

This is hardly the image of a solid infallible rock upon which all future generations of Christ church were to be built. Only Jesus Himself can carry that weight, and thank God, He does.

It is also interesting to note that Peter certainly did not fit into the current conception of a pope, since he had a mother-in-law, Is tim tebow catholic he was married.

The topic of celibate priesthood is outside my point, but it is another aberration from the plain teaching of Scripture 1 Timothy 3: Incidentally, the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven were not given exclusively to Peter.

I am confused. Is it...

Their point would be powerful if Is tim tebow catholic could prove that at some point in history there were no disciples of Christ who did not acknowledge the bishop of Rome as their supreme pontiff. The supremacy of the Roman bishop indeed rose because of the political power of Rome as the capital of the empire, but there were always groups of Christian disciples who did not hold to the doctrine of the papacy. The Eastern Orthodox church, for all its weaknesses, did include many true believers in Christ, and the schism which was formalized in the 11th century between Rome and the Orthodox church based principally at Constantinople reflected a major difference in opinion concerning the authority of Roman bishops that had been going on already for centuries.

At that time the Pope and the Patriarch at Constantinople basically excommunicated each other Is tim tebow catholic of their differences — a natural outcome of their common rejection of the Word of God as their highest and supreme authority.

So, the Denver Broncos didn't...

For their man-made traditions had evolved in different directions and because of this neither could accept the other as truly being of God. I have never heard any reasonable Roman Catholic explanation on why this verse has been apparently abrogated in the favor of Popes and priests! In the middle ages various groups such as the Waldeneses, the followers of John Huss, Wycliffe and others were faithful believers in Christ and suffered cruel persecution for their stand against the Roman Catholic tyrants "Is tim tebow catholic" the "Is tim tebow catholic." A shining example of Christian discipleship was St.

Whichever way we look at it, the church was not utterly defeated by Satan at any time although obviously there were some pretty dark moments. God has always had a faithful remnant, and today they number in the hundreds of millions — a fact for which we may praise God.

Truly the gates of hell have not overcome the true church of Christ. Believers in Christ are more than ever on the increase today and with the increase of knowledge that is upon us today there is no way that we will ever return to the Is tim tebow catholic Ages where men just simply did not have access to the Bible in their own language to check out things for themselves.

I hope it is noticed that I am not arguing that all believers who identified with Rome were not real Christians. I am sure than many Roman Catholics today are true born again Christians. But this is true in spite of, not because of the teaching of the Roman Catholic church.

We can get plenty of valuable truth out of Matthew Firstly, God the Father Himself revealed to Peter the true identity of Jesus as being the promised Messiah, or Christ — the one whom God sent to save the people from their sins. Secondly, this had nothing to do with the fact that Peter saw Jesus physically as a man.

This makes this kind of revelation available to us also. Thirdly, Peter confessed with his mouth the revelation which he received from God the Father. Fourthly, Jesus pronounced a blessing on Peter on account of this revelation of who Jesus was.

Tim Tebow canceled his scheduled appearance at a Dallas softened past statements he has made criticizing the Roman Catholic Church. I am confused. Is it wrong to cheer and root for Tim Tebow since he is not a Catholic. But Tim Tebow, former quarterback for the Florida Gators, who was raised by missionary parents and educated at home, led the Gators to consecutive national .


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Why Tim Tebow canceled his mega-church appearance

Tim Tebow canceled his scheduled appearance at a Dallas mega-church after hearing 'new information' about the pastor's anti-gay and anti-Islam statements.

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow , a devout Christian, has canceled an appearance at a Dallas mega-church led by a prominent pastor who has sparked controversy over remarks he made from the pulpit about gays and other religions.

Tebow, 25, who famously kneels in prayer on the football field in a move that has come to be known as "Tebowing," called off his April 28 appearance in a series of Twitter messages on Thursday. The church said in a statement that Tebow, whose parents are missionaries, had called Jeffress on Wednesday and said he "needed to avoid controversy at this time, but would like to come to First Baptist Dallas to speak at a future date. The church blamed news media on Thursday for having "grossly misrepresented" Jeffress' opinions and for putting pressure on Tebow.

Jeffress told Reuters that people advising Tebow "were encouraging him not to keep the commitment here" and that, in their conversation on Wednesday, Tebow did not take issue with the church's preaching. But he remained unapologetic over his position on gays and lesbians. Yes, homosexuality is a deviation from God's plan, but I also include it with adultery and premarital sex as deviations from God's plan. But we don't hate homosexuals. Tebow was a first-round draft pick in and the first college sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy , according to his website.

Tebow was traded by the Denver Broncos to the Jets, but saw little playing time during the season.

College football fans in Alabama customarily want nothing to do with college football fans in Florida, aside from the occasional lawcourt brawl or shouting match. But Tim Tebow, former quarterback to save the Florida Gators, who was raised by missionary parents and educated at home, led the Gators to consecutive national championships, and Tebow's story inspired lobbyists in Alabama who wanted a resolution allowing homeschoolers to contend in public school athletics.

The Tim Tebow Bill. Tebow has also inspired athletic homeschoolers nationwide, becoming the first homeschooled athlete to win the coveted Heisman Trophy. He was also the first sophomore Heisman winner.

He is currently the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and his prayer pose even inspired his own internet meme. August 14, Accomplishments:

The themes of his sideline prayer were met: Thomas Wurtz is the director of Varsity Catholic, a division of Focus that works with collegiate athletes and is based at the University of Nebraska. Is there any God besides Me, Or is there any [other] Rock? If the Catholic Church is where he wants me, he will give me the tools to grow. I still possess a coffee mug he brought home for me. But this time, a microphone picked up his petition.


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How close are you with your parents ? For readers who don't follow the NFL, let me explain that Tim Tebow is a And if Catholics would find his theology a little questionable at. Tim Tebow canceled his scheduled appearance at a Dallas softened past statements he has made criticizing the Roman Catholic Church..

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The church was built on Jesus thee stone but nothing is said about catholic. That is the problem I have with their followers, not necessarily the Church though. The themes of his sideline prayer were met: This is essence of Christianity, and what most Evangelicals are getting back to.

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