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Athena spa igloo naked new york


New YorkNY I've gone here a few times now and I'm always satisfied with the cleanliness of the establishment and the competency of the massage therapists. I like to go there at least once a week. Once i get there i can just relax and enjoy the life. If I could stay there forever, I definitely would. What a waste of 84 dollars. I got there and the masseuse didn't even ask my name or offer hers, she didn't ask me if i had any medical problems or aches that she should be aware of, she did not ask me about the type of pressure i like all she did was get on top of my back and press down hard.

I go here all the time, and If you want a quick, in-and-out massage, that's fine, but i'd recommend giving yourself some extra time to enjoy the beautiful steam room "Athena spa igloo naked new york" igloo sauna. At some spas you feel sort of like a commodity, like you're part of an indifferent relaxation machine. Know what i mean? Like the staff is just going through the motions.

But at Athena i felt like a VIP from beginning to end why did it have to end?? At first I wasn't sure what to make of the igloo sauna--I'd never seen anything like it before--but after 5 minutes I was hooked. Even after my massage I went back inside for a long time to let the warm floor relax my back even more. Athena spa igloo naked new york yeah, the massage was wonderful. She was really attentive and skilled, and I can't remember getting a better massage, especially for such a reasonable price.

I would love to go there again. July 24, 4 Athena Spa. What an amazing experience!! Beautiful spa, worth the money. I plan to go back with my husband and get a couples massage. Great location in midtown. July 24, 5 Athena Spa. Quite frankly, I am shocked at how many good reviews this spa has gotten on this site and was fooled by them when I made an appt here.

I went in for a minute Swedish massage with my roommate on a Sunday night around 6pm. The place was completely empty. They escorted us to a ""dressing room"" to change and I use quotations because it was just an open area where everybody walks by that happens to have lockers.

After explaining to the employees that Athena spa igloo naked new york roommate and I straight females didn't want to get a couples massage, we were taken into separate rooms but the doors to the rooms were left open the entire time so we could hear each other talking. There wasn't any relaxing music. Normally, at professional salons, the masseuse will leave the room while you position yourself under the sheet but here, the woman insisted on helping you take your robe off and back on again -door open and stayed in the room which was very awkward and unneccessary.

The massage, if I can even call it that, was by far the worst I have ever gotten. It basically consisted of her just pressing down on my body over the sheet. Then after 20 minutes of that, it consisted of her bending my arms and legs in strange ways and then pressing down on my body over the sheet. Afterwards, they help you put your robe back on WEIRD and escort you to sit in the steam room but I was so freaked out, I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

My roommate had the same bad experience.

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This is the first time I've ever written any sort of review as I usually give places the benefit of the doubt and hardly find use in complaining, but really wanted to warn people of how unprofessional this place is. Athena spa igloo naked new york had the best experience at Athena.

The atmosphere was inviting and cozy, and I felt completely comfortable. Both the dry sauna and the steam sauna were heavenly. My massage was fabulous, I had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders walking in for my appointment and felt times better on my way out.

I will go back to Athena for my next massage. This was by far the best spa I have ever been to anywhere, including Miami and Los Angeles. The staff were so sweet and friendly and attentive; I felt like royalty.

I entered in a daze of tension and left feeling completely rejuvenated with table shower, body scrub and 1 hour shiatsu massage. The pristine surroundings are cozy and spacious, the igloo steam room refreshing and every square inch of the place is impeccably scrubbed. Amazing, Amazing and again Amazing! I've been to so many Athena spa igloo naked new york in the city starting from upscale Red Door to underground parlors in Chinatown, but I I tell you as a fact, this place rocks!!!

I took their special of 1. This place features a steam room, showers, magical massage tables and a jade sana. The Korean workers are super friendly and nice. The place is clean and fancy. I have never felt so good in my life and I am no stranger to Spas This is my new favorite place to shut off my blackberry It was the best massage i've ever had.

About Athena Spa

It took over all my body pain and stress. It was my first time getting a Swedish massage here and I felt so good.

The service was very professional and the price was reasonable. I enjoyed the igloo steam room a lot, very unique. My friend recommend that I should try athena spa with my boyfriend after valentain's day. So I did last night. Later when we ready to get a massage, the therapistes came, and give us the heavenly deep massage.

Athena spa igloo naked new york was totally wonderful experiance for me and my boyfriend. Athena Spa is the perfect retreat! My massage was great, just the right pressure and very relaxing.

Was told to go ""run an errand"" and come back to pick up the gift card i was trying to buy.

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Receptionist was very rude and not too bright. I walked away and never went back.

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I was surprised my girlfriend for her birthday when I took her to this spa. I have never seem a spa as big as this. We enjoyed wonderfully hot Dry sauna which calls Hwangto Igloo and steam first.

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Then we had a massage and a body treatment. They had hostesses serving us throughout the whole time. The whole staff was very attentive. We spent 3 unbelievable hours at the spa! The service was impeccable! Being a spa junkie, this is definitely the best spa that I've been to. The beautifully decorated and soothing atmosphere of New Athena Spa keeps me coming back to this great spa. Therapist there are warm, friendly. The prices are very reasonable, especially for massage and scrub and it's so much more relaxing than the other over-crowded Spa places in the area.

I highly recommend checking this out. Such a great experience and relaxing My boyfriend bought me a gift certificate to the spa. It was very impressed with the service. I have gone to a lot of spas and had a lot of massages and this is the best experience to date. I came out feeling physically and mentally relaxed. First off, the spa is beautiful, clean and so comfortable. The massage therapist found sore spots that even I didn't Athena spa igloo naked new york I had and the immense fountain set the tone to my massage and kept my mind off the rest of the world.

I also had a mini facial and their products were great. I also enjoy going to SPAs. My boy friend and I went to Athena for their couple's package. We were treated like queen and king at their VIP room with excellent body scrub1hr massage and mini facial. The staff gave us outstanding service with their awesome skills.

Athena spa was the best spa I've ever been to. I have had soo many massages in my life, but never one as bad as this. The masseuse did not seem to know what she was doing.

I am not even Athena spa igloo naked new york she has a license because she was massaging me in areas that were causing me extreme pain and discomfort.

I always get ""Deep Tissue"" massages but never one like this. She was super rough and fast to the point of discomfort. Her energy was super aggressive. Spa Castle: Getting Naked at Spa Castle - See traveler reviews, 59 candid photos, and great deals for College Point, NY, at Athena spa igloo naked new york. New York, NY > Skin Care Specialists > Fraxel > Athena Spa. At first I wasn't sure what to make of the igloo sauna--I'd never seen anything like it before--but It is very intimidating because you're buck naked alongside other naked girls.

Get answers from Athena Spa staff and past visitors.

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. It is very intimidating because you're buck naked alongside other naked girls. I have been to many spas in New York and I have never seen this igloo before. the spa was tranquil and.

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