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How To Know If A Woman Wants To Have Sex


If you've been with your girlfriend for a long time -- or not so long -- and are ready to take your relationship to a more intimate level, you must be wondering if she's feeling the same way. Though you may think it's easier to just ask her what she wants, saying, "Wanna have sex?

What are the signs that...

Instead, if you really want to know if your girlfriend wants to have sex with you, you should pay attention to what she says and how she acts to get the big picture. If you want to know how to tell if your lady is ready to get intimate, just follow these steps. Log in Facebook Loading We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. See if she's been getting more physical. If your girlfriend can't keep her hands off of you and is always touching you, has her arms around you, or wants you to hold her hand, put your arm around her, or even drape her across your lap, then she may be ready for more. If her actions have been getting more sexual -- like if she's touching your manhood through your pants, or placing your hands on her breasts -- then she may be ready for something more.

If she's more physical around you, then this means she's probably more comfortable around you. And she'll only have sex with you if she feels comfortable with you. See how she dances with you. Does she get closer to your body than ever? She may be trying to tell you something.

See how things have progressed in the bedroom. It's unlikely that your girlfriend wants to have sex with you if you've never even kissed. But if you've been making out for a while and have moved further than that, then it's more likely that she's ready to have sex. If you've touched her breasts, and if How To Know If A Woman Wants To Have Sex touched each other's private parts or even performed oral sex on each other, then "How To Know If A Woman Wants To Have Sex" more likely -- though not guaranteed -- that she may be ready to move further with you.

Just because a girl gives you oral sex does not mean that she's ready to have sex with you. Some girls give oral sex way before they're ready to have sex, while others aren't comfortable giving oral sex until after sex -- or they don't give it at all. Every girl is different. If you kiss for hours and your girl doesn't do anything more, she may either be waiting for you to make the next move, or she may really just not be ready to have sex.

If she pushes you away every time you try to touch her breasts, take off her shirt, or touch her below the belt, then she is definitely not ready. See if she wants a lot of alone time with you.

If suddenly, your girlfriend's friends are nowhere to be found, and she wants to spend a lot of time alone with you, in one of your homes or bedrooms, then it's likely that she wants to get intimate -- to some degree.

If she wasn't ready for sex, then she'd be more likely to avoid any uncomfortable situations where you're completely alone and wanting more than she can give you. See if she invites you over. If you've never been alone in her place before, and she invites you in, then she may be telling you she wants something more from you. If she conveniently picks a date night location near her place and then casually steers you in the direction of her home, then she may be telling you that she wants to get intimate.

This takes some planning and foresight, so it's likely she's put a lot How To Know If A Woman Wants To Have Sex thought into getting you alone in her place.

See if she tries to sleep over at your place. If she's never slept over, but she comes over with a bigger bag that is likely to be an overnight bag, then she may be telling you that she wants something more. If she wants to spend some time in bed with you, then it's likely that she doesn't just want to sleep. Falling asleep next to a person can feel almost as intimate as sex, so if she's trying to stay at your place, she may be telling you she's ready for the next step.

This doesn't mean that she's ready for sex, but it does make it more likely that she wants to be intimate. If you plan on asking your girlfriend if she wants to have sex, then you should do it in an intimate setting -- not while you're splitting a cheeseburger.

So, if you're ready to have sex, and it turns out that she's ready to have sex, then what does this mean? Don't show up at her place, or invite her to yours, knowing that there's a chance you'll have sex without being prepared. Don't show the condoms to her or creep her out, but have them at your disposal just in case she is ready. Nothing will ruin an intimate moment more than a trip to the drugstore.

Once you're prepared for action, you should reach a point where you're intimate with your lady. This means you should take her out, make her feel special, and then get some time alone with her.

How intimate do you have to be? This depends on how fast things progress. If you're already in the bedroom and part -- or most -- of your clothes are off, then it is time to ask her for confirmation that she is ready to take things to the next level. If you're just kissing on the couch and she doesn't make any more moves, it may be too soon to ask. Ask if she's ready. When the time is right, stroke your woman, look into her eyes, and say, "Are you ready? Make it clear that you're asking whether or not she's ready for sex, and wait for How To Know If A Woman Wants To Have Sex response.

She'll appreciate that you can be subtle and open at the same time. Obviously, make sure your girl is sober when this decision is made.

The worst thing you can do is pressure her into doing something she'll regret later when you're both under the influence. If she says she's ready for sex, then do a private cheer, get your condoms, and get ready to get it on.

And if she says she's not ready, respect her decision and let her know that you're perfectly cool with that. Tell her she's worth the wait and that she can take all the time she needs. If you get angry or try to pressure her, then she'll be second guessing your relationship right away. If she says no, cool it for a while.

Don't ask her if she wants to have sex every time you give her a peck on the lips. That will get old fast. See if she's talking about sex more often. If your girlfriend is ready to take the next step with you, it's likely that she'll be talking about sex more.

She can do this in a lot of different ways, from talking about your friends who just started having sex, to casually asking your opinion on sexual topics.

If the word "sex" is on the tip of her tongue, then it's obviously on her mind. If she's suddenly very curious about which of your friends How To Know If A Woman Wants To Have Sex having sex and which aren't, then she may be wondering when you two will have sex too. See if she gives you sexual compliments. If she tells you that you have a great chest, sexy biceps, or amazing abs, then she's hinting that your body turns her on.

Instead of telling you that she likes your shirt or that you have a great haircut, she's choosing to let you know that she notices your body -- and may be thinking about all of the things it can do for her. If she gives you these compliments while you're kissing or being intimate, then it's even more likely that she may want to take the next step. See if she talks about your bed a lot.

Here are 14 clear cut...

If she comes over, pats your bed, and says it's "really comfortable," then she may be hinting that she wants to lie down on it with you. If she even does lie on the bed and talk about how great it is, then she wants you to join her as soon as possible.

See if she just tells you she's turned on. This is a pretty bold move, but yes, your lady may just tell you that she's in the mood, feeling frisky, or just wants to hook up. This doesn't necessarily mean that she wants to have sex, but if she's comfortable enough to tell you that she's in the mood for something intimate, then it's not a leap that she may want to have sex with you. See if she talks dirty. If your girlfriend has started talking dirty to you over the phone, sending you dirty texts, talking dirty when you're making out or doing something more, or even having phone sex with you, then she may be ready to take it to the next level.

Of course, this could all just be talk, but if she's comfortable enough with herself and you to go this far, then she may be ready for more. It's perfectly fine to have a relationship with someone but not have sex, regardless of how long you've been together. Sex and love aren't synonymous, and everyone is ready for sex at different times. How To Know If A Woman Wants To Have Sex feel pressured to have sex just because you think people in relationships should have sex.

Signs a Woman Wants to...

Not Helpful 56 Helpful I hear that you should only have sex if you are married. It would depend on who you ask. Some people believe that sex outside of marriage is okay, while others think sex should be limited to marriage.

However, regardless of whether you wait until marriage to have sex, you and your partner should both be ready to have sex and capable of handling the consequences such as needing reproductive healthcare, getting birth control, How To Know If A Woman Wants To Have Sex birth control failure, or dealing with STI transmission or unwanted pregnancy.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful 7. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Don't pressure her into it, let her make her decision slowly. Respect the way she thinks. If she is not ready, accept it.

Don't pressure her because you will lose her. Look for hints that she wants to talk about sex. This means she's probably thinking what you're thinking.

Don't do it before you are ready! Meaning don't let anybody convince you to do it so you are cool or any crap like that, you have to have self control. If your girlfriend does in fact want to have sex, you should follow all the tips of this other manual: Safer sex is better.

However, listed below are top 10 telltale signs that a woman wants to sleep When this happens, it means that she wants to have sex with you. What are the signs that she wants to have sex? Take a look. Here are 14 clear cut signs a woman really wants to have sex with you.

So, bear them in mind and next time you notice some of these signs, make a move!.

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6 Signs She Wants To Sleep With You

Consistent, wiping a serving of chow from your chin, or cleaning some cream on your edge poor lips… with her fingers… and next eating it. Or, you identify, well-deserved staring at you seductively. Warm places are your thighs, behind your ears, neck and honest your box.

Single of the easiest signs a sweetheart wants to drop with you intention be her man contiguity to you. It signifies a non-specific agitated contiguousness as soberly.

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3 Signs a Woman is Ready to Have Sex with You

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Never Been Single - Red Flag? Since they manage to take the same trait into the bedroom and you might find yourself befuddled at her reactions, wondering if she's rubbing up. How to Know if Your Girlfriend Wants to Have Sex With You. If you've been with your girlfriend for a long time -- or not so long -- and are ready to take your..

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5 Signs She Wants...

You can change your city from here. How should I explain her she is treading the wrong path? This means you should take her out, make her feel special, and then get some time alone with her. This is one of the key signs. Don't show up at her place, or invite her to yours, knowing that there's a chance you'll have sex without being prepared.

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