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Sexy toenails tumblr


My new Tumblr lover gave my boob a damn hickey!! You know who you are. How am I going to explain this to my husband?? We met this morning in my work parking lot and parked under a tree, but still near a lot of parking spaces. He has a sweet black Escalade with dark tint. We talked and laughed a bit and then he asked to put my feet on his lap.

I slipped off my heels and he immediately grabbed my feet and started kissing them. Are most of you guys foot fetishers? He smelled every inch of my foot and sucked my toes. We Frenched kissed and got "Sexy toenails tumblr" horny. I hopped in the back seat and he followed me. He almost came Sexy toenails tumblr my mouth, so I said just fuck me hard! He got on top of me and slowly rubbed his cock all over my clit and teased me until I almost had an orgasm.

Finally, he penetrated my wet pussy with his big thick cock. All the way in!

Lange Sexy Fußnägel sexy long...

I gasped and my toes Sexy toenails tumblr while I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in all the way. He fucked me like a rabbit, hard, fast and deep! Omg…I was in an orgasmic daze. He started sucking my nipples and licked all over my boobies.

I rode his cock while he grabbed my ass and massaged the soles of my feet. It felt so soooo good! We got dressed, while his cum was dripping out of me. We made out and laughed with each other before I had to go into my office and get to work. What excuse should I make if he does see it? Suck them for me. Please repost and comment.

Who wants to be my next lover? So, my hubby finally felt horny today and wanted to make love. I obliged him and let him fuck me however he wanted. He did the usual, missionary, doggy, etc, but insisted on some anal Sexy toenails tumblr too.

I asked him to grab the Astroglide and lube up my ass.

Special black light polish, pretty...

He slowly slid his cock inside of my ass and fucked my ass pretty good and deep. I was surprised because he usually sucks in bed. He pumped my asshole for about 5 minutes and came inside of me.

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He loved the compliment. Hmmmm…so what did I do? Since he did NOT give me an orgasm, I had to finish what we started…with Sexy toenails tumblr else. I called my coworker, whom I gave a foot-job in the office, but never had sex with.

We had a few drinks, hung out and started kissing. Well that got my pussy all wet and creamy. He started kissing my nipples and sucked them Sexy toenails tumblr enthusiastically. He was very Sexy toenails tumblr about that. Anyways, he started rubbing my pussy and clit and started finger-banging me. Damn I was horny now. He got on top of me and started fucking me missionary style. It felt sooooo good!! He grabbed my feet and started sucking my toes while watching his hard cock fuck my pussy deep and hard.

I swear, this guy loves my feet. He never stopped kissing and sucking my toes while smelling my feet and soles the entire time. I told him to fuck me in the ass, since I was already stretched out and warmed up there lol! He looked stunned and absolutely agreed! I grabbed my lube and he slowly slid his cock inside of my ass. He was trippin cause my ass was so warm and wet. He fucked my ass for a good 20 minutes while we French kissed and he finally exploded with his own warm fresh cum inside of my ass.

I orgasmed at least 3 times. He hung out for another hour and had to go home because his WIFE was looking for him. I love fucking married men. Anyways, "Sexy toenails tumblr" took this pic of my boobs after he left and I was ready to take a shower.

How do you "Sexy toenails tumblr" my boobs and erect nipples? Please reblog…if you want to. I admit, I was a naughty girl last night. I met a few of my girlfriends Sexy toenails tumblr invited a new Tumblr guy!

We all had a great time, had lots of delicious sushi and drank a lot of sake and beer. My new Tumblr friend was so cute and sweet.

I slipped my bare foot out and played footsie with him under the table. I can tell he was becoming aroused. He treated us and paid for all of our food. So, after my Sexy toenails tumblr left, we went into his SUV and started messing around in the parking lot.

We kissed like crazy young high schoolers and he started caressing my boobs until my nipples were hard and erect. Then he rubbed my pussy and finger-banged me until I was soaking wet. He pulled off my jeans and panties and slowly started eating me out. He licked my pussy and clit until I almost screamed!

I totally had an amazing orgasm from that. I unzipped his pants and he was already hard as a rock! I returned the favor and sucked his big cock until he had to stop me because he almost exploded. He got on top of me and slowly slid his cock inside of me. Omg…it felt soooooo good! He fucked me really hard, deep and rough. Then he put my legs on his shoulders and smelled my feet while sucking my toes.

Customers were walking by his car while it was bouncing up and down. He licked my nipples while he came deep inside of my pussy with his warm sperm! Dude has some serious stamina. We messed around and kissed a bit more before we both went home.

Guess what I did? I invited my new Tumblr lover to my house for another sex encounter. He should be here soon! Time to take a shower now and warm my pussy up. I know, I look Sexy toenails tumblr in these pics. I just woke up! And his cum is still dripping out of my vagina.

Beautiful French toes. feet toes...

Who wants to be my next new Tumblr lover? Message me and leave comments. You could be my next lover…. They looked so good today!! I wish Sexy toenails tumblr could Sexy toenails tumblr Philip Rivers! No sexual meetings today. I am so drunk right now.

Yes, I know I look really ugly. I did let a few of the guys here massage my feet and suck my toes. Lickable long red toes. · long red toes red toes toe spread toe spreading long toes sexy long toes toe. This Blog is where you will find the Sexiest feet of the Sexiest ladies.

# wrinkledfeet #soles #wrinkledsoles #toes #prettytoes #sexytoes #top10toes # TeamFleet. A collection of sexy foot pics specializing in red polish. Also reblogs of other pics that turn me on. 18+.

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