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Where to find girls in london


I spent most of my down time dating this incredibly sexy 19 year old fashion model that I picked up in front of students during the London Fashion Week bootcamp. Talk about being my HB Teenage Dream! Without any further ado, allow me to paint the picture of an historic city, bustling with the fire of youth but still retaining an age-old dignity that permeated throughout.

A few things about London clubs:. Some of the best nights in a major Tier 1 city are the weeknights. These are the nights that the most beautiful people come out: Early on there was an insane amount of hotties, but as the night wore on, it became packed with financiers and suits with money. The most socializing to be had was actually upstairs at the smoking patio because downstairs was either too packed or too loud.

Open every night at 8pm, Metra is right in Leicester square, inches away from several other hot restaurants and tourist spots and a great to pick up girls. There are barkers outside fairly often kind of like club sales associates that promise reduced-entry. They can always cut deals, so be sure to haggle with them. The first bar was right "Where to find girls in london" the door a good signbut was crowded by an awkward dividing wall, which, thankfully, made it easier to hear the bartenders.

The DJ booth overlooked the dancefloor and played a weird mix of top 40 and past top 40 hits i. A few small, restaurant-style tables were great for relaxing and getting more intimate with girls as most of the couches were in the bottle service vein and a stripper pole loomed ominously in the corner, beckoning the drunken party girls.

Roped-off smoking area upstairs EVERYONE smokes in London was a good place to take soft-spoken girls, but opened right out onto the fairway of Leicester square, which can be very distracting at times. Expensive drinks as is standard in London and a bland ratio eventually nearly 5 guys for every 1 guy makes this a bad place to develop the approach skillsbut the guys that were there were particularly lame and had no game at all.

Mixed sets and cold-approaches were a breeze and the women opened and hooked easily, despite being mostly 6s and 7s. The closest to a Hollywood club we found, Amika has both a strict dresscode and a strict entry policy. A great place to pick up seriously beautiful girls, but the stakes and standards are higher. This Where to find girls in london what we ran into. The club is super swank, though, with 9s and 10s aplenty none of the hired guns were less than a 9 and lots of themon top of it.


Again, the club was underground with a long hallway leading to three separate rooms the hallway had couches AND mirrors in itthe first was the large dance floor lined with the DJ booth, tables, and a bar almost impossible to get to. This is where the majority of the 10s were, as it was the most highly visible area with the most traffic, great for approaching and high-energy game. The room that we were in was lined with booths and much quieter, though still high-energy.

A bar at the back and space to mingle in the rectangular room, this was the best place to game girls, as there were places to rest your drink, walls to lean a girl up against, and a less crowded populous. The third room was laid out much like the second, but I was unable to get in as we were relegated to the first two because of our table assignment.

Much of the same went on in that room. Every Asian Playboy needs social circle game so they can run social proof! This place is big! Go early and dress to impress with connections. There are multiple areas with different music to be had in each. Stick to the main areas.

Beware, this places gets very packed and loud and ballers with tables abound everywhere. Doubling as a restaurant, which means it was open most of the night already and pre-populated by post-dinner drinkers, the door opens to the main bar with cathedral ceilings and a few tables to sit at. The restaurant is off to the right and a main Where to find girls in london to the upstairs rooms to the left. Continuing straight through, there is a huge dance floor VERY difficult to get throughas well as more dinner seating, perfect for isolating from the dance floorjust around the corner.

A main bar and another, huge dance floor take up the majority of the upstairs, but walking through it past several rest-station type tables and claimable booths will lead you to an area filled with couches, chairs, coffee tables and another, smaller bar.

This is the area that is perfect for gaming and was filled with the 8s, 9s and, occasionally, 10s of the venue. While the rest of the bar had every type of girl from every spot on the spectrum, we found the classier, more elegant, and hotter women spent their time here.

Average drinks for London meaning expensive drinks for Americabut well worth the price of admission purely for the range and amount of women. A definite stop on where to pick up girls tour! Typical British Pub our idea of a bar that serves food and a little weak on the pick up girls Where to find girls in london. There were very few truly attractive women to pick up, but many wandering tourists staying at hostels Where to find girls in london. The band upstairs played to a large area for loitering and a few seats, but generally too loud to run solid game, which is a good place to bounce girls to for a quick change of pace.

Fairly empty for most of the night as is expected everywhere on Sundays and was very social-circle oriented most of the night. Not a good place to run approachesbut a good place to gain a crowd of friends if your game is tight. Many seats downstairs from individual bar seats, to booths, to long bench tables to share with others; great Where to find girls in london to isolate or sit with a group.

Opens early and barkers give out stamps that will allow you to skip the cover as well as having an email on their site.

A hallway opens to the corner of the bar, which extends into the room along the side and the large, cathedral-ceiling dance floor takes up most of the downstairs, save a few booths.

Upstairs was mostly claimable booths and was the best place to take a girl to sitbut was very loud. I had the best luck hanging out by the cigarette machine on the inside of the doorway just as you entered. It was quiet, isolated, and left plenty of space to lean back. The crowd was not desirable, however, though it seemed typical of a Sunday.

The ratio was terrible and girls were seen actually coming in and leaving when enough guys made bad pick up attempts. Mostly 6s and 7s with a few 8s and 9s that, ironically, were completely ignored by guys, proving once again, go for the girls you are attracted to! Owned by the same group as the famed Mondrian hotel in Los Angeles Sky Barthis place represented the perfect atmosphere of relaxed lounging that one hopes for casual pick up.

Bar was filled with fashionable 8s and 9s, many of them being traveling models Fashion Week!

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The men were insufferable and most of our time was spent deflecting weak AMOGs and laughing about Where to find girls in london with the girls we brought. VERY expensive drinks and appetizers. Inside included several high-tops with chairs and a huge line of seats at either side of the bar.

Outside was restaurant-style seating that was a bit uncomfortable to perch at and was filled with smoke always, in London. In any case, outside was a fine place for isolation and would be a good place for practicing rapport-building. London was a blast and, overall, there was always a place to go. Check out these recommendations and then let the barkers drag you to whatever club they are promoting, as well.

Find the best reviews of singles bars, clubs, and meat markets for Sydney, Australia where you can pick up beautiful, single, attractive women! Find the best reviews of singles bars, clubs, and meat markets for New York City and Manhattan, New York where you can pick up beautiful,….

London has museums, a famous tower, and the London Eye, an observation wheel that allows visitors to…. What was your favorite article? Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Where to Pick Up Girls in: New York City, New York! We did the research so that you don't have to.

The Understudy and Original Sin are on the list. See what other places made the cut. Do a bit of Googling to find about Chinese cultural meetups / events in London. is Where to find girls in london great source if you want to find about Chinese events or.

Do a bit of Googling...

26 things you'll only know if you're single in London But that might be thanks to London's reputation for being full of people who don't want to talk to each other because they're. 9 dating clichés single girls should ignore.

HUMAN DRESSED UP LIKE CHUBBY CHICKEN I spent most of my down time dating this incredibly sexy 19 year old fashion model that I picked up in front of students during the London Fashion Week bootcamp. Where to find girls in london 566 AMATEUR GIRLS ON GIRLS On the look out for the best places for singles in London? Hookup someone who has cold sores 791 MIDGET TUBING CUTTER 533 CANT STOP FINGERING MYSELF 182

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Could someone help me please? We did the research so that you don't have to. The Understudy and Original Sin are on the list. See what other places made the cut. Do a bit of Googling to find about Chinese cultural meetups / events in London. is a great source if you want to find about Chinese events or..

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Over of its vast size, it can be quite difficult to know where to find cougars in London. And with so many options, you need to be smart when out seeing for an attractive older maidservant. Our team of experts offer this list together with trial, blood, and tears a match up hobos were involved with the blood and tears. Located in Islington, this pub is known for two qualities: The calculate for this is simple: There is a vast group of cougars in London with on the net dating profiles waiting for the right younger man to whit their interest.

Cougar Life which you can try for open with this offer explains that the London cougars are lots fiercer and feistier than in other cities. Located in Leicester Square near Piccadilly Circus, Tiger Tiger is an excellent setting to meet sexy older women looking for the companionship of younger men.

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Single and ready to mingle? Revolutionary booking and enquiry management software for bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. This upscale lounge is well-known for its dance parties that last until the wee hours of the night. Use our targeted marketing packages to instantly push your venue to a young professional audience. Expensive drinks as is standard in London and a bland ratio eventually nearly 5 guys for every 1 guy makes this a bad place to develop the approach skills , but the guys that were there were particularly lame and had no game at all.


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