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Tai kwan do athena morgan


Most of them come from elite schools and rich families, and had never seen real poverty before. The study trip was part of the Unicef Young Envoys Programme This youth leadership programme aims to raise public awareness of children's rights.

The students visited the rural villages where ethnic minorities live in Longseng province.


Most of the villagers make their living from agriculture and tourism. The average annual income in the area is less than 2, yuan. The schools there are old, with little furniture and a serious shortage of equipment. Even the best secondary school is poorly equipped compared to schools in Hong Kong. Some of them have to walk two hours to school every day. It is especially difficult in winter.

Some students cannot afford the Tai kwan do athena morgan fee of less than yuan a year. They have to be subsidised by the teachers or their village. Many of them hope to become teachers or scientists in the future and contribute to their family, village and country.

And even though my A-Levels put me under a lot of pressure, it became insignificant when I compared my stress to theirs. I felt rather ashamed,' he said. We should broaden our horizons and be concerned with what's happening around us.

Maisie Ko Mai-sea, 16, of Good Hope School, admitted that although she was touched by the mainland students' situation, it did not have much impact on her life.

Of course, they would want to help their village and society in the future Students in Hong Kong tend to take [their education] for granted. Turn to pages 4 and 5 to read the diary Young Envoy Athena Hsu Hoi-kwan wrote during the six-day trip.

Skip Tai kwan do athena morgan main content. Thursday, 24 August, The students, usually from farming families, live harsh lives. But these hardships have not dampened their enthusiasm for study.

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