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Forced to smell and lick her dirty sweaty toes


The Amazon Goddess Mikayla Miles is back again! Bringing her very fragrant size 16s out in full force. After wearing her sneakers all day, she has them nice and ripe and she is going to enjoy the hell put of making Ninja sniff them.

The slightly pungent, vinegary soles make his eyes water as she starts off rubbing them on his nose as she lays next to him. She presses her massive solesonto his face grinning knowing how bad they stink. She then sits back and lets him do the work of getting between her toes and up and down the long length of each foot. She finally sits behind him and puts his face in a giant face vice between both soles so he can get the full smell in 3d!

Fresh from a high energy work out in her cute pink gym outfit, Kendra can feel her toes and soles feeling very sweaty and greasy in her pink socks. He slave has been tied up and mouth taped with matching pink tape. She slowly removes her sneakers and gives him a nice whiff of her socks.

They are wet and "Forced to smell and lick her dirty sweaty toes" vinegary and slightly earthy. She rubs them all over his face as she laughs and makes jokes about him. She then peels off her soaked socks and makes sure his nose get buried right up inbetween her toes. They reek and the smell permeates every inch of his nostrils.

sweaty feet smelling · sweaty...

Kendra is proud of how bad her feet can smell as she grips his nose between her toes. She loves torturing her slave with her stinky soles.

Charlie and his roommate Cat are living together for few months now and everything is going fine until today. Just now Cat has returned from work after 12 hour shift.

She shares that with Charlie and than she goes to bed for a while. Cat catches Charlie sniffing her shoes and she starts to laugh. Cat tell Charlie to continue if he really likes it and he all for it of course.

sweaty feet smelling · sweaty...

Charlie is having his way with her feet, worshiping them, smelling her soles and toes and turns out in time that she actually enjoys this very much. At first it was funny for her, something to laugh about but now Cat really likes how it feels to have her big sexy feet worshiped. Too bad Charlie did come clean much sooner…but there will be enough time to make up for it since Cat will demand it every day after work. The fun has just begun. She has just arrived to her home which she shares with one flatmate — Charlie.

She makes her Forced to smell and lick her dirty sweaty toes comfortable and takes off her shoes and…oh my god…what a smell! Her socks smell so bad! She immediately tries to find a clean pair of socks but all of them are dirty. He notices Megan is still wearing her dirty shoes and he tells her to take them off. But after a while he notices the smell is not gone.

HD. Caught and made to...

After they are gone too her feet start to smell all over the place. Charlie gives up after Megan refuses to take a shower and rather leaves than to smell her stinky feet.

Blonde Bombshell Savannah has had a busy day working up a sweat at the gym, getting them nice and stinky just to torment her slave waiting at home.

Gothic Goddess Lady Absinthia loves...

She sits on him and removes her shoes, making sure to make him sniff inside them first before shoving her soles on his face and pinching his nose between her toes. Her toejam fresh from the gym makes it even more torturous for him. Savannah laughs and gets even more aggressive pressing her sole down hard on his face, even standing up and imprinting her sole on his face!

He had promised to clean the house while they were gone but has done nothing at all. They are furious and decide to teach him a very stinky lesson. They keep him pinned under his covers as they sit on him and remove their shoes and socks. They start pinching his nose between their toes making him inhale all their vinegary cheesy toejam in the process.

A trample scene with extreme full weight body walking and genital crushing! Mistress Lady Renee loves to feel her slaves squirm beneath her and this slave must take all she throws at him.

Starring Miss Skie [Femdom ]. Having Miss Skie as your step-sister could lead to problems sometimes. Especially, if you happen to be her step-brother, and more importantly have a foot fetish. There he finds a foot fetishist paradise. He "Forced to smell and lick her dirty sweaty toes" into her closet and starts sniffing and licking her shoes and socks. She busts him at a moment he is in extasy with her shoes and socks all over him.

Now she gives him an ultimatum — sucks and licks her sweaty socks and large feet or she is telling their parents. What follows is an unforgettable combination of sock sniffing, sole licking, toe sucking, and, of course, trampling.

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Jessika loves to rest her tired feet after a long day with her boots on, but on top of it, she loves to do it with her foot Forced to smell and lick her dirty sweaty toes at her feet!

She is planning to watch a few episodes of her favorite series on Starflix, so she makes her loser slave lay down on the floor, to use his face as a footstool! She makes him take her boots off, and just covers his face with her sweaty white socks that have been worn for over a week for our crazy sweaty socks challenge! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick and clean the dirty bottom of her socks!

Jessika also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, to rub her sweaty naked feet all over his face! She makes him sniff the sweaty bottom of her soles, and makes him stick his tongue out again to lick the bottom of her soles! She also makes him take some deep breaths inside her boots, and just hold them on his face with her feet! And it seems like she just loves to humiliate him at her feet! What a sexy brat! She was sleeping in a tent, did not have much opportunities to wash in the mountains and she smell as bad as a skunk.

On contrary — this is just a beginning. Starring Mistress Jessika Jessika loves to rest her tired feet after Forced to smell and lick her dirty sweaty toes long day with her boots on, but on top of it, she loves to do it with her foot slave at her feet!

More Clips with Jessika Category: Smell And Lick My Sweaty Feet. Her feet are hot and sweaty from walking around in the city all day. Luckily, her filthy girlfriend is here to clean them right up. I had been massaging and inhaling the smell of her feet for nearly four hours! She showed no mercy, making me swallow all the sweat and toe jam and dirt and She had me scrape under her nails for her and then she ordered me to lick up.

HD. Caught and made to worship my feet K views. 83% HD. Stinky Feet Worshiping with Really Sweaty Nasty Toe Slurping to an Orgasm K views. 98% LICK MY FEET AND SMELL MY FARTS SLAVE K views. 83%. 3 years Sockboy Worship Our Dirty Stinky Socks K views. 77%. 1 month.

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