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My gym partners a monkey rule 34


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable My gym partners a monkey rule 34. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Retrieved from " https: Lists of American children's animated television series episodes Cartoon Network-related lists. Articles lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources Episode list using the default LineColor. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 25 Juneat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On School Vaccination Day, Adam is inadvertently hit with a vial of "monkey virus" intended for Jake.

A high score in the school placement test puts Adam in the honors class where he is teased by the students at first, but he is soon respected by them when they see his excellent spelling skills. Coach Gills teams Adam and Jake as one player for the Charles Darwin middle school football team when Adam displays excellent memory at the game play and Jake displays his good arm for tossing.

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After Adam and Jake break a fish tube, Jake's consequence is to work in the school My gym partners a monkey rule 34 filing papers, while Adam's punishment is to guide an endangered panda, Dingbang, around the school. Adam literally cannot stomach the thought of eating the lunch menu at Charles Darwin Middle School, and Principal Pixie Frog agrees to provide human junk food as a substitute to avoid a lawsuit. When all of the animals get hooked on the food, they balloon to a massive size and force Adam to take drastic measures to break their addiction.

Jake is offended after Adam complains that Bull Sharkowski "went ape" on him, so Adam tries to make up to Jake, though Jake keeps refusing the apologies. When Adam accidentally hits resident Bull Sharkowski's snout, he is dubbed as the new school bully. Chameleon thinks that Jake should have the role of Jungle Guy My gym partners a monkey rule 34 parody of Tarzan but Adam wants the role also. Jake breaks a cardinal CDMS rule when he brings a shiny glass doorknob to class, and discovers why such items are banned--they make any animal who sees them fall into a hypnotic trance.

Jake soon begins abusing his power and becomes a mad dictator who forces everyone to study at the "Jake Spidermonkey Center for Monkey Butts," and it's up to Adam to fight back and save the school. Amazon Kevin from Adam's favorite T. There is a textbook shortage and to raise money to buy new books, Adam and Jake try to sell selling chocolate-covered grubs during Charles Darwin Middle School's Annual School Sales Drive. After receiving a number of citations, Adam and Jake are put on Hall Monitor duty, and Adam discovers the corruption of the Hall Monitor students.

Jake becomes the school's class clown after his talking buttocks routine is a success. On Howloween, Adam goes into the living room to get a file for Principal Pixiefrog, and discovers the ghost of an old human janitor. Jake makes up for semi-intentionally ruining Adam's science fair project by implanting a robotic arm in his skull that starts to have a mind of its own. Adam and Jake discover unsent love letters to Mrs.

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Hornbill, and they decide to coach him to ask Mrs. Tusk out on a date. Zira Cornelius, a famous documentary filmmaker, comes to Charles Darwin Middle School and focuses on Adam, believing him to be an unknown species, unknowing he's a human boy with a zit, swollen nose, and muddy clothes due to a bad start My gym partners a monkey rule 34 morning.

Adam is celebrating his birthday party at Piggy Porker's Pizza Palace, but when his human and animal friends both show up, he has to find ways to keep them apart or else will be embarrassed.

Adam befriends a koala named Deidre out of pity, who turns out to annoy him as much as she annoys everyone else. Adam enters the school elections and faces off against seemingly powerful Bull Sharkowski. When Charles Darwin Middle School is closed due to bat guano contamination, school is held in a portable classroom. Problems start when Jake accidentally snaps the brake and the portable classroom wheels across various places.

After being played around by three lions, Adam tells the nurse he is allergic to some of the animals. Principal Pixiefrog puts Adam in a plastic bubble, and it becomes the latest fad at school.

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Adam's excited when Kerry invites him to play paintball early the next morning, but can't sleep when Windsor, Jake and Slips show up for a sleepover uninvited. Adam wants to ask Kerry to the school dance; Jake is shocked Adam doesn't want to go with him, and Ingrid thinks Adam wants to ask her to the dance. Mandrill suggests that Adam and Coach Gills switch roles for day after Coach Gills loses her temper over Adam's performance in her class.

Adam and Jake take an aptitude test, but they are not happy with their results. So they try to find their true destiny. The Charles Darwin Jungle Squad wants Adam to cheer with them at the extreme cheerleading finals after one of the cheerleaders gets injured. After Jake dumps a chum bucket on Principal Pixiefrog and thinking he and Adam did it, he gives them Saturday detention, only for Jake to do his basic cable variety show, Basic Jake. Adam gets to go back to his old school as part of an exchange program.

However, the school is not exactly the same as he remembers it. My gym partners a monkey rule 34 the refrigerated part of the school where students are taking their polar classes, Jake falls in with a bunch of "cool kids" and forgets about his other friends.

Henry's singing is very poor, but when Jake hears it, he mistakes it for talent and enters him in the talent show.

Jake wakes up with what appears to be a large, bushy moustache and it changes his life as he assumes he becomes a "man" by having it. No one is reading the school newspaper and it is closing down. So Adam suggests that they write an interesting story. Trouble starts "My gym partners a monkey rule 34" Jake publishes lies about Adam. Things get edgy when Adam publishes Jake's secret. When the school gets sued, Principal Pixiefrog takes time off from work. His replacement is Principal Wolverine, a principal who is always shown squinting who is making things miserable for the students, and even Ms.

Plus, he has an obsession with biting people on the butt, saying "Do I have to bite you on the buttocks? So Adam and Jake attempt to persuade Principal Pixiefrog to come back to his old job.

When Adam tells Margaret Rhino that she is rare, she becomes so arrogant that her friends, Joanie and Latanya, get angry at her.

But when Adam learns the truth about Margaret, he tries to tell them and has no choice but to take all three of them to a date. After finding a stranded fish, Adam is granted a magic fish wish. Adam thinks this is nonsense while his friends want him to use the wish on them. Adam, Jake and other students are given eggs that they have to take care of for a school assignment.

Of course, Adam gets stuck doing all the work for Jake, and finds that this responsibility is too much for him. Jake gets clones for himself and Adam, but are mean jerks. Jake takes a day off from school by spending it at school as part of his typical Jake fashion.

He enjoys the facilities and persuades Adam to join him. Lupe falls in love with Orlando Parrot, a parrot who is Jake's friend, who usually calls her "pretty bird", but finds out that he doesn't actually like her at all.

Animas is a celebration for animals and their instincts and Adam must hold himself up or he'll ruin the holiday for everyone. When the carnival comes to the school, Adam tries to win a princess ballerina snowglobe with opposition from the cheating Spiffies. Adam is given the keys to the Lookout Tower after passing a safety test the first try. The Lookout Tower is a bachelor pad located atop the school. Adam's job is the look out for threats in the school, "My gym partners a monkey rule 34" his job is made difficult when his friends use the lookout tower to throw a party.

Instead of letter grades on his report card, Adam receives generic positive symbols. He complains about this to Principal Pixiefrog and he changes the current system to letter grades with terrifying results. When Adam fails another Feeding Frenzy exam, Mr. Hornbill thinks that he may be held back if My gym partners a monkey rule 34 doesn't pass the next exam.

So Adam gets a tutor to help him, but the tutor is actually Bull. Adam is embroiled in a prank war that he doesn't want to be in. Most students think that Teddy is a living thing, except Adam. Principal Pixiefrog institutes a school uniformity policy, which causes the students to act overly "proper" except Adam.

Adam teams up with Dickie to return the school back to its old, less mannered ways.

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Jake wants to join the space program, My gym partners a monkey rule 34 the only problem is that astronauts wear pants and he detests wearing pants, so Adam tries to help. Whilst Adam is off school pretending to be sick, Jake misses him to the point of mentally breaking down. Jake tries to warn Adam not to fall for the Petting Zoo Kids' dirty tricks, but after falling for their cuteness, such as petting the lamb, rubbing the goat's belly, and hugging the pony, the little animals are robbing him of his dignity and his money.

After borrowing a pencil from Phineas Porpoise, Adam and Jake have to deliver a lunchbox to a locker in return. An Italian hermit crab named Herman finds a new home in Adam's locker, annoying him. Meanwhile, Jake searches for the legendary "Mermonkey". Lupe becomes My gym partners a monkey rule 34 when she sees that a toucan star is making her species look like idiots, Adam debates to end this conflict by creating the "United Species", an animal version of the United Nations.

Meanwhile, Jake comes up with a plan to shut down the organization after getting kicked out. The laws of nature says that everyone must have a sidekick, and that sidekick must respect their leader, and Adam and Jake argue over who is the leader and sidekick switching every other duo in the school's respective roles. Windsor tries to hide from Deb, a gorilla from Cameroon, because he is afraid that he will have to marry her.

Jake trades places with his spoiled cousin Lord Saucypants who is actually the pet monkey of minor popstar Dobie Broadway Jr. Everyone except Adam runs scared when thinking that a new student is actually an alien from outer space.

Principal Pixiefrog's ego becomes over-inflated when he wins Principal of the Year. Jake fills in for Principal Pixiefrog after he loses his voice and bases his morning announcements on shock-jock style morning radio.

Adam gets a job in a gorilla costume to but is surprised when his friends find it offensive to the primates. Jake has a crush on the substitute teacher, Mrs.

My Gym Partner's a Monkey is no stranger to the trend of sneaking adult jokes into of the show are goldmines of inspiration Rule 34 fanart pictures and NSFW. Follow us on twitter @rule34paheal Anonymous: Here I go Aeris, drink all my semen!

>>> My Gym Partner's a Monkey, ? Jake Spidermonkey, 19?. This is a list of episodes for My Gym Partner's a Monkey, a Cartoon Network animated series.

Jake breaks a My gym partners a monkey rule 34 CDMS rule when he brings a shiny glass doorknob to class, and discovers why such items are banned--they . 34b, 8b, "The Citronella Solution", Tom Sheppard, William Reiss, July 13, ( ).

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My gym partners a monkey rule 34

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My gym partners a monkey rule 34


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  • This is a list of episodes for My Gym Partner's a Monkey, a Cartoon Network animated series . Jake breaks a cardinal CDMS rule when he brings a shiny glass doorknob to class, and discovers why such items are banned--they .. 34b, 8b, "The Citronella Solution", Tom Sheppard, William Reiss, July 13, ( ). All characters in the show. Adam Lyon. Ingrid Giraffe. Lupe Toucan. Jake Spidermonkey. Bull Sharkowski. Kerry Anderson. Windsor Gorilla. Principal Pixiefrog.
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