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Guam women


Women in Guamsometimes referred to as Guamanian women or Chamorro also spelled as Chamoru women, are women who live in and "Guam women" from Guaman unincorporated territory of the United States.

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By traditionial Guamanian culture, the women of Guam are the managers of family resources such as land and food. At present, women - together with Guamanian men - participate in jobs that belong to the wage economy category; but there are also women - among men - who work in the agricultural sector. In the culture of the Chamorro peoplethere had been a balance in the gender roles of women and men. The oldest daughter in the Guam women family shares power with the oldest son.

Women, by tradition, is a Guam women figure within the household men excel in areas of public affairs such as hunting and fishing.

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The eldest daughter had the responsibility of caring for her parents during their older years. Guam had undergone change after three centuries of colonialism.

While men dominated the political sphere, women became active participants in organizations that are socially, religiously, and culturally oriented.

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Roman Catholicism also brought change in Guam. Guam women of them is the rendering of "higher status" to the "Guam women" of men in government, business and church while to women were delegated roles that are related to controlling resources of the family. After the recent half century, some women of Guam experienced being elected as political officials and as leaders in many civic and governmental organizations. In the common practice of poksai - a form of adoption system in Guamanian society, childess Guamanian women may raise a niece or a nephew, a member of her domestic unit, known as the clan or extended family the core of Guamanian society.

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Women in society portal. Wikimedia Commons has media related to People of Guam. By event Timeline of U. Outline Index Book Category Portal. This Guam -related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This article related to women's history is a stub. Women today continue to maintain positions of authority in Guam society, both at home, in Chamorro families, and in professional careers.

to make my point, i give you the example of when i was on guam: rarely did you see Guam women statesider, military or civilian, with a local women. if their partner was an.

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Guam's first civic women's organization. The Guam Women's Club was the first women's organization on Guam. It was founded in February of.

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