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Peeing in ladies restroom


A female urinal is designed for the anatomy of women and intended to be used by women and girls. Different models enable urination in standing, semi-squattingor squatting postures, always without direct bodily contact with the urinal.

Urinals for female users could...

Unisex urinals are distributed by various companies and can be used by females and males alike. Female urinals and unisex urinals are much less common than male urinals.

Urinals are more abundant in men's and boys' public toilets than in the facilities in private homes. In the s, Alexander Kira, professor of architecture and sanitary engineering at Cornell Universityconducted studies on urination behaviour of both genders. Peeing in ladies restroom pursued the goal of developing sanitary fixtures that are adapted to the Peeing in ladies restroom body and its needs, breaking with Peeing in ladies restroom design specifications.

On a conventional toilet bowlthe "correct" use is determined by the shape of the sanitary fixture. Amongst other things, Kira investigated the body positions that males and females prefer to use when no external guidelines are given, for example while urinating in nature.

He examined the trajectories of the urine stream and its controllability, as well as comfort and health aspects of different body positions. While males usually urinate in a standing posture and direct the stream forward by hand, females prefer to take a squatting position. The stream is controlled by the posture Peeing in ladies restroom the entire body and is directed vertically downwards to slightly oblique backwards. This position is generally the most comfortable for females and is associated with the lowest spray dispersion.

The female urinal models offered today are conceptually similar to each other and follow the shape and design of male urinals but are more closely tailored to the female anatomy. One difference is that the female stands with her back toward the urinal and adopts a half-squatting positionwhich is also sometimes called the "skier's posture" or "hovering stance". This is based on the posture that females generally adopt in conventional public toilets if they are dirty or physical contact is not desired.

In countries where squat Peeing in ladies restroom are the norm, female urinals can also be found as a ceramic Peeing in ladies restroom at floor level. This kind of urinal would be used in a full squat position to avoid splashing back of urine. In the past, models that were used in a full squat similar to Asian squat-style toilets have been developed to the prototype stage [7] or brought to the market, like the "Peeandgo" by Chen-Karlssonbut those could not establish themselves.

Urinals for female users could potentially have some of the same advantages as urinals for male users compared to toilets with regards to urination: Female urinals could be possibly suitable for use in public toilets which are highly frequented during peak hours and which are likely to attract large numbers of visitors, especially places like schools, universities, discotheques, shopping centers, and bus stations. In addition, mobile female urinals have been developed for use at open-air events, festivals, as well as free-standing units for public spaces.

A study conducted in Australia in showed that more than half of the women interviewed would use a urinal if it were available. A grassroots urination equality campaign in the Netherlands caused a sensation inwith women using urinals in men's toilets. Recent developments in creating urinals for females and for use by both sexes are not a revolution in sanitationas some manufacturers suggest.

Rather, it is the renaissance of a concept whose roots lie in the 19th century. At that time, during the early days of public toilet development, female urinals were already being installed and urinals were not thought of as being exclusively for males. For example, the German Handbuch der Architektur handbook of architecture shows "women's urinals with automatic rinsing", although at that time the advantages were also seen in the less costly installation and water savings: Pissoirs for the female sex have even been successfully used in recent years.

These consist of so-called "urinettes" or porcelain sitting basins with automatic flushing and are set up especially in the waiting halls of railway stations, in shops where many girls are employed, in theatres where there is a large choir or ballet.

Such "urinettes" have the great fortune of being able to be placed where a 2-inch drainpipe is present, while the rinsing lavatories usually used by women for urination require a 4-inch waste pipe. At that time, Peeing in ladies restroom female urinal was unable to establish itself in Germany, as they were installed only occasionally.

Inon the initiative of the City Building Office, a decision Peeing in ladies restroom taken in Munich to install women's urinals throughout the city in public convenience stores. It was suggested by several parties that the various classes of toilets should be abolished, that the establishment should be uniform and that a fee of 5 Pfennig should be charged for all toilets, with the exception of the free toilets, this corresponds to the II.

The construction of women's urinals, such as those found in other cities, was also mentioned. This idea was pursued further, so that the documents of January 13, contained plans for concrete implementation:.

The basins should be made of cast iron with enamel coating. A seat board is not to be provided. On the other hand, it might be advisable to mount brass rods Peeing in ladies restroom the basin, which extend from one wall to another and are fixed there. Older and weaker people could gain support at this pole. For the first attempts to set up "women's urinals", it may be advisable to choose the locations of such urinals near playgrounds so that nannies or other female supervisors can use the same ones.

In contrast to the actual toilets, these Peeing in ladies restroom intended as "freehold toilets", i. They enjoyed great popularity and were highly frequented. In the course of the s, there was no further expansion, probably because the free use did not generate profits to the city's treasury funds.

Finally, the "Freiaborte" free public lavatories for women were converted into institutions with costs. The development at the turn of the century was not followed up in Germany and these first approaches were increasingly forgotten. Until the s, few female urinals were available in the US from different manufacturers, such as the Sanistand of American Standard Companies.

In the s and s, various concepts and prototypes were developed, although most of them were not developed beyond the design stage. Female urinals have only been used again since the turn of the millennium and are marketed commercially, primarily in Europe. Its main selling point was that it was specifically designed for women to use without touching. Several other designs have been tried since then, but they required the user either to hover Peeing in ladies restroom or to bring her genitals into close contact with the fixture.

Most have not caught on. Peeing in ladies restroom clothes fashions, such as panty hose and slacksinhibit females from using them because they do not want their garments to touch the urinal or the floor. Often, females have little experience with urinals and do not know whether to approach them forward or backward.

Standard trough models intended for use with a specialized funnel have been introduced with some success, at outdoor festivals such as Glastonburyto reduce dwell times and to alleviate long queues. Ina portable female urinal—the Pollee —was introduced at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and was received enthusiastically by female festival visitors.

Urinals for female users could...

Urinals are being developed that can be used by all sexes males, females and Peeing in ladies restroom sexes. While urinals for men and boys can be found almost everywhere in public toilets, unisex and Peeing in ladies restroom urinals are still niche products. According to Mete Demiriz, professor of sanitary technology at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkircheneconomic considerations and social conventions also prevent the wider installation of female urinals: It is not profitable for the manufacturers, as they would sell less normal toilets with every female urinal.

The selection and production of public toilets is also a male domain. If the women don't get involved, it Peeing in ladies restroom work. Once upon a time there was a large German company in my laboratory that wanted to produce my development. There were also secretaries who tried them out. But of course it's not meant for home! A study in surveyed women to discover how interested they were in having female urinals which would be used in a standing position.

The majority of respondents indicated a desire to have such facilities. In the s, a number of prototypes were developed for female urinals, of which only Peeing in ladies restroom were finally ready for the market and are now used: Since the s, female urinals have been introduced in a few European public toilets.

In the course of the development towards unisex toiletsdesigners and developers are increasingly faced with the challenge of creating gender-appropriate solutions. Models have now been developed that can be used comfortably by females and males alike. In the future, Berlin will have unisex toilets and unisex urinals, to be used by both sexes. Urinals that can be used by both sexes are an essential part of the future unisex toilet facilities.

There are a number of public restrooms in the city that offer exclusively men's urinals and completely exclude women and their toilet needs. According to the Senate, this is unacceptable in terms of equality.

Because you don't want a crowd of pissing men in the city, the facilities are cleverly not closed down, but converted into unisex toilets that can be used by all genders[ This is part of the toilet concept for Berlin, which was presented last week by the Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, together with the company Zebralog and the Technical University of Berlin. The advantage of the unisex urinal is that it catches women's and men's urine stream earlier and thus avoids the otherwise unavoidable splashing and is thus simply more hygienic.

Ladies, Are you tired of...

Therefore, the urinal can be conveniently used by both sexes. The world's first mobile urinal for women was presented at the Peeing in ladies restroom Festival under the name of Pollee and proved to be a great success.

The Pollee-Urinal is primarily intended for open-air events, especially music festivals and is distributed as a women's urinal, but can also be used as a unisex urinal in principle. At present, two different arrangements are currently being implemented in practice: The main advantage compared to the classic toilet, the compact space requirements, is lost.

What's to know about frequent...

With a row arrangement, the number of facilities increases noticeably and thus a faster use becomes possible. However, this is not the case with the booth arrangement, in which a classic toilet bowl is simply replaced by a urinal. The booth solution is Peeing in ladies restroom put forward with the argument that female use of open urinals is socially unacceptable and associated with embarrassment.

However, urinating in the company of others can be a problem for some males as well. There is always the possibility to switch to a classical toilet stall if that the use of urinals is associated with shame e.

This problem arises all the more in the context of the increasing development towards unisex toilets for males and females. A pooling of toilets raises the question of how urinals should be arranged for both sexes in the room. While toilets are usually housed in booths with lockable doors, urinals are usually installed freely in a row in gender-separated toilets. This construction method requires less space and thus allows more people to urinate at the same time while promoting better hygiene and economics, which is currently one of the main advantages of male urinals.

One possibility would be Peeing in ladies restroom continue offering urinals in rows. These could, whether separated into male and female urinals or as unisex urinals, be separated by so-called pubic walls.

However, it is questionable whether the lower level of privacy compared to conventional toilets would be accepted. An alternative would be to accommodate urinals for both sexes in cabins or to continue offering urinals for males only. Accordingly, the German lawyer and author Marcus Werner sees a significant disadvantage in unisex toilets if these would lead to the elimination of urinals in classic row order: Therefore, it would be very, very sad if the unisex toilet trend would end up causing men to have to queue up because every urinal would be housed in a cabin, which would dramatically reduce the number of facilities.

That would be a total waste of time, calculated in terms of gender. 1. You have to understand that the expression of the plumbing between man and woman is different. 2. I had seen a number of "Peeing in ladies restroom" pee standing up and it's. How to Urinate Standing Up as a Female.

When faced with an appallingly dirty toilet, a squat toilet, or no toilet at all, women may feel like they're at a physical. 3 days ago Some days you feel like you're constantly running to the bathroom to relieve yourself; others, you can go hours (really, though) without any pee.

A female urinal is designed as a service to the anatomy of women and intended to be used close to women and girls.

Different models enable urination in standing, semi-squatting , or squatting postures, perpetually without direct bodily contact with the urinal. Unisex urinals are distributed by various companies and can be used by females and males alike.

Female urinals and unisex urinals are lots less common than male urinals. Urinals are more abundant in men's and boys' public toilets than in the facilities in private homes. In the s, Alexander Kira, professor of architecture and sanitary engineering at Cornell University , conducted studies on urination behaviour of both genders.

He pursued the goal of developing sanitary fixtures that are adapted to the human corps and its needs, breaking with conventional design specifications.

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Peeing in ladies restroom


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When faced with an appallingly dirty toilet, a squat toilet , or no toilet at all , women may feel like they're at a physical disadvantage.

However, it is possible for women to urinate standing up if they're willing to invest in a little self-potty-training. To urinate while standing up, try one of the following methods. Familiarize yourself with your anatomy.

You may not have given much thought to how things work in your lower region, so it's a good idea to review some basic female anatomy by looking at a diagram or using a hand mirror to look at yourself. The urethra is a tube that leads from the bladder to the outside. The urine travels through this inch-and-a-half long tube and is released through a small hole that's located behind your clitoris, just in front of your vagina. The labia majora are the two outer rounded folds of tissue that lie on either side of the urethral and vaginal openings.

The labia minora are two inner folds of skin enclosed within the labia majora. The opening to the urethra is tiny--just a small slit--so don't be concerned if it takes you a minute or two to locate it in the mirror.

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At present, two different arrangements are currently being implemented in practice: In the course of the development towards unisex toilets , designers and developers are increasingly faced with the challenge of creating gender-appropriate solutions.

If you left the seat down, take a short look for mistakes. The main advantage compared to the classic toilet, the compact space requirements, is lost. Urinals Urine Sanitation Toilets.

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