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Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. I don't like walking around this old and empty house So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear The stairs creak as I sleep, It's keeping me awake It's the house telling you to close your eyes And some days I can't even trust myself It's killing me to see you this way 'Cause though the truth may vary This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore Hey!

There's an old voice in my head That's holding me back Well tell her that I miss our little talks Soon it will Listen to the words i say lyrics be over, and buried with our past We used to play outside when we were young And full of life and full of love Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right.

Your mind is playing tricks on you my dear 'Cause though the truth may vary This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore Hey! Don't listen to a word Listen to the words i say lyrics say Hey! The screams all sound the same Hey! Though the truth may vary This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore You're gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear All that's left is a ghost of you Now we're torn, torn, torn apart, there's nothing we can Listen to the words i say lyrics, Just let me go, we'll meet again soon Now wait, wait, wait for me, please hang around I'll see you when I fall asleep Hey!

Though the truth may vary this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore Hey! Though the truth may vary This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore Though the truth may vary This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore Though the truth may vary This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video. Little Talks song meanings. Add your thoughts Comments. General Comment This song is defenatly going back and fourth between a man and a woman.

The woman is feeling lost without the one she loves, but she doesn't know that the one she loves still remembers her and cares about her. Before he left, he used to make the world better for her, and their little talks are what she remembers about him and Listen to the words i say lyrics he used to make her feel whole.

In reality, the man does care about her and wants to comfort her as much as he can. There was an error.

The man has passed away and the woman is being reminded of him with every small thing coming across. The husbands ghost asking her to be strong. Although "the truth may vary this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore".

We will eventually meet Flag TusharS on July 24, Flag leavesintheriver on August 29, He is reminding her that he is right there with her even though she cant see him. So yes, she is being reminded of him, by him. Flag Owle on July 04, General Comment I got the eerie feeling that the husband passed away but continued watching her as a ghost.

The empty house she is referring to is the fact that he is not there. Notice, he is the one constantly responding to her, implying he can hear her, but she can't hear him.

The just overall calmness implies to me that they are not arguing with each other. The girl is trying to forget him and move on, but keeps having thoughts of him throughout the day, until finally she cracks and they realize they are better off without each other, or will see each other later.

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The husband has died. She sees him in her dreams, but wishes he would let her go for now to make her life easier, as they will meet again soon in the afterlife. Having only just heard it for the first time last night, it captured me immediately. Catchy tune, but the use of acoustic guitars fits perfectly. Sad, but very nice tolisten to. Flag BenSin68 on February 24, Hit the nail on the head, i was thinking exactly the same I think the many incorrect lyrics aren't helping sadly Flag vincevale on March 18, I had not thought of this interp, but it makes a lot of sense.

I will imagine it this way, now, and the song will be so much sadder and wonderful for it. Flag Kimbersong on April 12, Listen to the words i say lyrics According to a Apr interview with the band: How we usually make our lyrics is, Raggi and I, sometimes we come up with stories or situations.

That one is about a relationship.

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Sometimes we haven't wanted to give too much away. We like people to read their own things in the lyrics. I guess I could share it. It's about a couple and the husband passed away and it's from the conversation between the two of them. We don't know if she's going crazy or if someone's actually there. We've kind of been inspired by people that lived in my house. This old couple that lived there for 30 years. The woman passed away, so it was kind of different.

Flag dave23g on April 20, This is what I thought when I heard it too. My mom just lost her husband my dad and I like to imagine this is them communicating with each other Flag doofalina on May 07, Just to add on what tipped me off; The last line of the last verse, "I'll see you when I fall asleep" is interesting when one keeps in mind the song begins with the woman complaining about the house keeping her awake, ipso facto she can't fall asleep.

That with the rest of the last verse points to the fact that there's an insurmountable distance between the two. Flag cmoseley on June 22, I'm not saying you're wrong for saying the "lyrics are written incorrectly", but that is a dumb ass thing to say.

Music is meant to be enjoyed, lyrics to be related to. Don't analyze every verse. Song lyrics are like a window into a person's heart. They are feelings in print.

There is no ''incorrect'' way for them to be written. I hear the same lyrics and think they mean something quite different Flag hmblopnion on June 24, Flag cayla on November 01, General Comment "It's about a couple and the Listen to the words i say lyrics passed away and it's from the conversation between the two of them.

No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment To me this song, just the way it sounds, is way too beautiful to be about a failing marriage or "Listen to the words i say lyrics" sleeping. I think it's about an old couple that have been so in love for so many years.

Fools, Don't Listen To A...

They both know that the other isn't in the same place mentally as they once were so they just cling to each other for comfort. When people get older they don't always know why they feel the way the do or why they say the things they say, but the constant in this couple is the love they have for each other.

The music from the start has a kind of old-timey feel almost like they are remembering their past and trying to comfort each other in their confusing present.

Fools, Don't Listen To A...

The husband tries to comfort his wife, as it is just the two of them in the house. You can picture them in laying in bed while the wife talks to her husband how she is scared of falling asleep. The husband likely feels the same way, but he holds his wife's hand and tries to comfort her anyway.

The chorus shows the overlying message that with their old age they can't always trust where their minds are at. But their love the ship will lead them to an eternity of being together.

The husband is trying to tell her to remember the good times so that he can be around the woman he loves again. She talks about how it will soon be over death and she can't get over the fact that they have both aged so quickly. The chorus again establishes that no matter what the two are together through love. The last verse is sung together. The husband and wife admit that both Listen to the words i say lyrics changed and neither are what they were when they were young.

They kind of accept death here, and say that either way they will "meet again soon" and be able to enjoy each other more without the looming fear of death.

Little Talks Lyrics: Hey! Hey!...

You would get scared. You think you're ready for it but no one can ever be ready to die really. There is so much uncertainty, no matter what religion you hold.

There is a quick switch from "let me go" to "wait wait wait".

Don't listen to a word...

They want to spend an eternity together without having to suffer through old age but they aren't sure if that's what will happen. How could you leave the person you love behind physically to be with them in a better life spiritually? It would be a hard thing to do. They both want the other to wait and they want to make sure they find each other. This is one of the most genuinely beautiful, real, and sad songs I've ever listened to.

I know this is just my interpretation of it but it makes a lot of sense to me. If you've ever been in love you know how much it means. It sounds stupid but "the love of your life" is really your life. That person that you don't want to spend a day without seeing and hugging and just being around. In this story, the two old people are at the end of their ropes and they know it.

They are so so in love and now they Listen to the words i say lyrics to deal with the frustration of old age and the uncertainty that death will bring with them. They hope they both end up together in the end "This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore".

I'm Listening Chris McClarney. Listen To This Song Chords Lyrics say. Chorus. F#m7. I don't wanna miss. D. one word You speak. A. E. Cause. F#m7. "Little Talks" is the debut single by Icelandic indie folk/indie pop rock band Of Monsters and A lyric video was released in in the presence of the video.

Don't listen to a word I say / Hey! / The screams all sound the same / Hey! / (again this goes back to being frustrated and fighting with those you love and how it is.

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