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Four Moves and a Habit.

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Look for Previous Work. Caulfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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Skip to content Increase Font Size. Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers. How to Use Previous Work 5. Go Upstream to Find the Source 8. Identifying Sponsored Content 9. Spot Sponsored Content Tracking the Source of Viral Content Tracking the Source of Viral Photos Using Google Reverse Image Search Filtering by Time and Place to Find the Original Trace Viral Photos Upstream.

What "Reading Laterally" Means Evaluating a Website or Publication's Authority Evaluate a Site "Caulfield online" Stupid Journal Tricks Finding a Journal's Impact Factor How to Think about Research Finding High Quality Secondary Sources Choosing Your Experts First Evaluating News Sources What Makes a Trustworthy News Source?

National Newspapers of Record Find Top Authorities for a Subject. Verifying Twitter Identity Verify a Twitter Account Treating Caulfield online "Snippets" with Suspicion Finding Out Who Owns a Domain Avoiding Confirmation Bias in Searches Finding Old Newspaper Articles How DigiPo Defines a "Fact".

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Publication Date January 8, Subtitle: and other people who care about Caulfield online. Author: Mike Caulfield. Cover image for Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers. License. Patrick Caulfield [British Pop Artist, ] Guide to pictures of works by Patrick Caulfield in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.

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