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Maritalaffair offer code


Then if you do not renew, low and behold within a Maritalaffair offer code short space of time you receive more messages in my opinion to lure you into renewal. After Maritalaffair offer code quite a few proposals not once have i received mails of any substance that would justify these to be genuine. Following 2 mails from one particular "person" it seemed obvious they were not written by the same person. Therefore i must suspect and conclude one big elaborate scam.

If i remain unconvinced of the authenticity i will certainly be making a telephone call to the local trading standards in Windsor, Berkshire.

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Should you join and then wait a month or so you will have 20 - 30 mails in your inbox. Don't waste time and money joining to read them - it is guaranteed that not one will have read your profile and they are all generic 'would love to meet you' messages that have been copied and pasted into hundreds of messages. I made point of asking that any respondent should just put my name in the subject line to show that they had read my advert.

I'm no George Clooney but have had a lovely time, thanks very much, on other sites so don't be put off just don't touch THIS site with a barge-pole! I set up 2 accounts and was getting the same mails from the same prospects.

Scam Scam Scam Dont touch it. I joined for 1 Month and Maritalaffair offer code the usual rubbish messages, and then on the day after my membership expired i recieved 12 Maritalaffair offer code. I did not renew my membership.

However while i was a member i posted some very very negative comments in their members Diary section Lo and Behold, these instantly vanished within 5 minutes of me posting them up for other members to read. This whole site is a con. Yes a shameful con - lets hope they get investigated and closed down soon.

I agree this site is complete con. Same thing happened to me.


Get messages from people which are clearly manufactured and do not relate to anything that was said in the last email. I have to agree with all the other complaints, this site is a complete con.

Vague messages from people who just do not ring true. One girl claims to be a 25 year old shy virgin rebelling against a strict clergyman father and yet has four naked photographs of herself on her profile, including face! A married lady doctor wanting a discrete affair has a photograph with legs wide open, boobs out and a clear face shot. Strange that he typing is full or spelling mistakes, poor grammar and no punctuation or capital letters.

Apparently it is part of a bigger group all with an office in Windsor. I setup an account with maritalaffair. Both are the same site. I recieved an email at 6. These people need reporting to the police. Totally agree wit all of the above!!! Yes, It's all a complete scam. I used to work there, my job was to write messages to guys Maritalaffair offer code get their money. I know it's wrong now, but we were bonussed on how many people we could sign up. The company is WLD "Maritalaffair offer code." I met a lovely Mercedes driving female consultant cardiologist and we are an item now.

This is a Scam Site for sure. I tried to get a refund for the difference only and they refused me. What sort of Company would do that.? Everything others have experienced here is true Who do we report this to.??

The Maritalaffair offer code, or Whom.? So many of us who were scammed for 6 months membership when we wanted a week or a month! I havent been able to get a refund from them yet but am taking the further. I should have read the reviews before joining!

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Once you join and access the site there is no going back. You cannot get a refund as the terms and conditions stae that if you use the site there is no refund- hence no breach of contract on their part as they state that you agreed to the T and C.

I do not think that there is even one real female on the site. I e mailed them countless times demanding money back due to fraud etc. They kept replying with the usual answers and that they took steps to ensure they were Maritalaffair offer code genuine.

I removed my picture and changed my profile to sound like the most riduclous description I could think of and the winks and messages still kept coming! My profile has been looked at just once in 2 months and that was by a right grimmer! They have tried to tell me that female members can send "icebreaker" messages to loads of people this is apprently not an option for a male member. But that still begs the question, Maritalaffair offer code come they hae not even bothered to read my profile before sending me a message?

You are kissing your money goodbye the second you access the site. Unfortunately Maritalaffair offer code sad and lonely i bought 3 months. The single most worrying things is that like a previous post said, its all part of a great multitude of websites. Ive been mailing a couple of genuines on 'myfunbuddy' who are actually on different sites called 'Sinuk' and 'PlentyOfWeight' and 'cougar' i didnt get the rest of the name.

I think there are some real peeps on there but certainly not many. Also before i joined it said it had half a Maritalaffair offer code members in the london area, as soon as membership had gone through it dropped to just under Bit of a difference.

This innocent start can cost...

Also Maritalaffair offer code can only cancel membership via phone not email. Don't understand your problems.

The site doesn't rip you off for 6 months membership when you join, it asks if you would like 6 months membership which equates to a smaller monthly amount as you get discount and you obviously hit the button saying Maritalaffair offer code when you should have hit the button saying NO.

I've been a member on messabout for a couple of months and I've met one person all be it not really my type but I can confirm she was real! Marital Affair Offer Code The Basics Of Adult Dating | marital affair offer code http :// AM - 3 Mar 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. Coupon Code - Click to Claim.

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