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Steamy pantyhose stories


This is the first time I have written about my pantyhose fetish and "Steamy pantyhose stories" all started at a very young age. I had no idea it was a fetish until I was doing research in criminal justice and the study of Paraphilias. It was a relief to find out what it was and attach a name to it as I could now explain and understand the obsession far better and explain it to others if I ever needed to. My journey with pantyhose is quite amazing now that I look back on it and I am now in midlifecoming out to share that story with others who have the same obsession.

So put on your favorite pair of pantyhose, grab Steamy pantyhose stories coffee, and settle in as this is a long one. I blame this whole pantyhose fetish on my dear mother. My very first interest in pantyhose was marked at a very young age of maybe three or four years old, as I know I was not in kindergarten yet and my family lived in a small apartment in town before my father built our house. It was a small event but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I was playing on the floor with toys and my mother stepped over me and I noticed she had no panties on under her pantyhose. My family were evangelicals that had strict rules to be part of the church.

Women were not allowed to wear pants but only dresses. They also were not allowed to have bare legs so all of them would wear pantyhose, as tights were not yet popular. They also were not allowed to bring attention to themselves, so nude cotton or nylon pantyhose were worn by most. But seeing my mother this way left a mark on my small mind. Also my grandmother was of the same belief system and so I had a long time exposure to hose but never tried any on or felt them.

My mother was very rule breaking when she could be and would do small things to make waves in both dress and looks, pushing the envelope concerning Church dress code. She had a large collection of outfits she would wear and dress up for my dad when they would go out to eat or attend functions not associated with the church.

She did all of this within the boundaries, but would raise eyebrows. My mother was a very prod person and once had her own money, job, and car but gave it all up to be a stay at home Steamy pantyhose stories when she married my father.

When I was eight I got my own room. I was super proud and so were my parents when they presented it to me. They worked hard to Steamy pantyhose stories it up for me and Steamy pantyhose stories the first time I had privacy. They bought be a Science book collection and it was in the reproductive section in the R book that I seen my first vagina. We moved to the farm to help my uncle. My father worked hard in a foundry but it closed down and he needed work.

My uncle needed help milking cows. So we rented out our house and moved to the farm.

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We lived with my Aunt and Uncle and had a great time on the farm. My uncle was a porn collector and had a stack of Playboys right by "Steamy pantyhose stories" toilet. I Steamy pantyhose stories what what might be in those magazines and took a look. I was amazed at how beautiful the women were and their bodies made me have my first erections.

Steamy pantyhose stories was mostly out of curiosity as I was not masturbating yet. My mother suspected what I was doing as I would lock my self in the bathroom all to often. She told me not to look at them but did not have them removed as that is where my uncle liked to keep them.

My aunt, maybe in retaliation, had a large stack of Play Girl magazine on the other side. Out of curiosity I did leaf though those also, but it was the women in stockings or nude that caused my sexual arousal. After a few years my uncle shut down the farm and Steamy pantyhose stories moved back to our home. I got my room back and I was now ten and was hooked on women.

Being in an evangelical home I had no stacks of magazines to leaf though, so I was stuck with the Sears catalog lingerie section, my Science encyclopedia "R" book and the gorgeous women in my mind from my Uncle's magazine pile. I discovered I was good at drawing and so I started to draw nudes by tracing the drawing from the science book and combining them with tracings from the catalog.

I would hide all of these drawings in my little desk under other papers to keep them from my parents. One night after a day of drawing and thinking about all those sexy women I was feeling my erection and all of a sudden I had my first orgasm.

It felt super good and made a mess. I cleaned up my sheets and practiced more the next day. As weeks passed I was spending a lot of time in my room drawing. My parents did suspect something I think but respected my privacy and allowed me to have a hook lock on my door and would knock.

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But I am sure there was a few times I would find the drawings missing as mom possibly tossed them because I might have left them laying out. She never brought it up. So I would draw more. Then one day I got the mail. When I got the mail I realized that in the stack of bills and papers Steamy pantyhose stories a Fredric's of Hollywood magazine.

Gorgeous girls were on the front, and I was surprised. I leafed though it Steamy pantyhose stories found the lingerie section. There I see beautiful women in pantyhose and stockings and Steamy pantyhose stories a body-stocking with it advertised and convenient crotch. I closed up the magazine and put it in the stack for mom and dad and never seen it again, but I wondered where it went.

So when my parents were not home Steamy pantyhose stories day I went searching. I found more them I bargained for and it made me some what puzzled but happy at the same time.

I checked their shelving looking where they might have hid the Frederick's of Hollywood Magazine, and under a stack of other clothing magazines I found a large stack of Frederick's going back for some years.

I leafed though the pile and tried to keep everything in order so they would not suspect I was snooping. I would take the magazines and lay them out and have a fun time masturbating to the gorgeous women in pantyhose, body-stockings, and lingerie. I would carefully put Steamy pantyhose stories all back where I found them and was super happy to get the mail after school each day to check for the monthly Frederick's of Hollywood catalog.

I then later though I could sneak a few pages of the older issues of the Frederick's of Hollywood s magazine and they would never know. I would cut out the pages and then the models then put them in a folder they I kept hidden. I had a fairly large collect of pantyhose images all to myself now and loved it as long as I kept everything on the down low.

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Until mom found my folder and knew I was collecting. I got a talking to about snooping but nothing major. The stack of Steamy pantyhose stories was moved and I had nothing but a memory and some real badly draw images. Then I found out what I realize now, that dad had a pantyhose fetish. I went to find the Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs, they had to be some place.

I looked everywhere and found my mothers lingerie, three drawers full of sexy pantyhose, body stockings, convenient crotch body stockings, and bras. I got weak in the knees. I also found pantyhose with the crotch cut out by scissors along with lube and condoms. It appeared that mom and dad were having a great time. But the find was awesome but a bit disturbing to me as a kid on what my parents were up to but I now realize my dad is one luck guy.

I now Steamy pantyhose stories why mom, on days dad had off from work, would be dressed mornings in leotard exercise outfit. Mom did not exercise with videos as Steamy pantyhose stories church did not allow television in homes of members.

Mom would just seem to wear these tight spandex and leotard outfits for dad. One time at Christmas I thought it strange that mom wore this outfit while decorating the tree. Very it was very sweet of mom now that I look back on it. Also when going out to eat I would notice mom wearing colored pantyhose and tights to match her outfits and shoes.

At an early age I could see my mother loved being classy and fashionable.

She had a large collection of heels, purses, and other clothing that would push the envelope a bit with the church but not go completely overboard.

I believe that would buy her the sexy outfits and my mom would get to pick the classy and mix them together to be a bit proud and show off a bit for my dad and to make other women jealous of what she could get away with. It was then Steamy pantyhose stories I found the best stash of all. My younger sister needed a larger bedroom so my parents decided that they should redo a room Steamy pantyhose stories the top floor in the attic to expand my sister's room.

Dad worked super hard and made it quite nice.

The sheerness of nylons, stockings...

Great even more privacy! They let me draw on the walls as by now I was taking art classes and it was Steamy pantyhose stories designing my own room. I now had a full blown pantyhose image fetish and had a folder full of cutouts from many types of magazines and basically any images of nice pantyhose legs I could find. I would spread them out and masturbate to Steamy pantyhose stories almost everyday.

The attic outside my room was also used for storage. She loved to sew and thought she would save her old pantyhose to stuff pillows with. My grandmother worked in a lingerie factory sewing nightgowns Steamy pantyhose stories would give my mother boxes of material to be used in projects.

There was no better find as finding large boxes of these materials while helping organize and everything was simply right outside my bedroom door. My fetish completely blew up. This was the first time I actually seen many different types of pantyhose and wondered what they would feel like if I tried them on.

By now I was about fourteen with raging hormones. I noticed with my hand that some felt softer them others depending Steamy pantyhose stories the materials. I swiped a soft pair and put my hand inside the leg and spread out my hand, the soft sheer was amazing.

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