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The red and blue lights were a giveaway that this was going to be a bad night for me. I know I had been speeding a little bit but was he really serious about pulling me over for that? It's not that big a deal, it happens," my wife said.

It was easy for her to say, I knew she was loving it. She was certainly dressed for a little leniency. She had just gotten off of work waitressing at our local restaurant The uniform was outrageous. Her skirt was eight-inches long and straight up and down when she started working there but as the management realized their gold mine of truck drivers that went through they made a few adjustments.

The skirt she had on was only five-inches long and flowy, which made my wife look like a real spectacle. She wore a thong every night, which "Wife gets fucked by cop" guaranteed to have her ass cheeks on display no matter if she was standing, bending over or walking.

The high-heels also made that worse. Her shirt was a tight little tube top, and while it wasn't mandatory, she insisted that a bra would be uncomfortable and would leave unsightly lines. I knew any cop that saw her would probably think she was Wife gets fucked by cop hooker. It was at that point I heard a knock on my window.

I didn't even notice him walk up.

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What had I done? I thought back and couldn't think of anything. I opened up the car door and step out. I had a feeling I was in for trouble. The officer was much bigger than me, black and looked annoyed. His arms were huge, bigger than my neck was round and stood a good four inches above me. I was instantly intimidated. Have you had anything to drink tonight? The officer ducked his head down and looked in the car. I heard my wife squeak a reply back. He lifted his head back up to me.

I couldn't say much about Wife gets fucked by cop I was going to find out I was right. He didn't take that too well. I was spun around in a second and slammed against the driver side of our car. Before I could say anything else cold steel slapped against my wrists and my cuffed hands were behind me.

She looked like a spectacle with her short skirt and ass cheeks hanging out from underneath them. Her nipples were pressed firmly against her tight top and shot out like missels. My wife looked at me and I just nodded my head. What else could I do, in reality? I didn't want to get arrested. She did as she was told. The natural arch in her back made her ass stand out when combined with the heels, as the officer began to pat her down. I kept my eyes on her face as Wife gets fucked by cop began to slide down.

I saw her eyes go wide and I knew what he was doing. I looked down and saw him sliding his hand up and down her one thigh and then the other one. My wife had great legs and he was pawing at her I knew this is what he wanted.

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His face was eye level with her exposed ass cheeks and he was staring at them as he went about his business. We were literally at his mercy. We both knew that no one was going to come Wife gets fucked by cop this road this late. We took back roads on purpose for that reason I'm either going to book you for drunk driving or your wife is going to do everything I say," he said, bluntly.

I was in shock! You can't do that! My wife looked at me and flinched as my head hit sideways. He loosened his grip. I couldn't believe this was happening. This wasn't exactly uncharted territory for my wife.

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She slept with men pretty regularly, a lot of them were my friends, but this was basically rape. The difference was I knew she was going to love it which is why she put up no fight. His hands reached out and grabbed her one arm and pulled her in. Her body flung like a rag doll up to his lips as he forced his tongue into her mouth. At first, she resisted a little but eventually gave in. Her body fell limp into his arms and I could see her tongue happily licking his back.

The officer let my wife go and grabbed my cuffs. I swung around and he placed my face against my wife's chest and pushed my wife's back against the car against so she couldn't move. Use your teeth and pull your wife's top down. I want to look at your wife's tits," he said firmly. There was obviously no doubt he meant business and I was in no position to snap back at him. I bit down on her top and pulled down, which made her breasts pop out at my face. For her last birthday, we had gotten work done on them.

They stood straight out and were a perfect C-cup. You could hardly tell they weren't real Wife gets fucked by cop they looked absolutely fantastic.

My wife's eyes were locked on his She liked it and I knew it. Anytime a man could take complete control her body turned on like a faucet and was wet in seconds.

She was lusting for him. I turned around to see what was happening. He lifted his finger and motioned to my wife. She waltz over to him and they embraced again, this time his rough black hand grabbing her left breast and squeezing to feel them.

She panted against his mouth as he grabbed. When their kiss broke, the officer walked next to me and leaned back against the side of my car. She turned her body around and flashed her ass for him and slowly backed it up against his groin and started to grind her ass against him. He moaned a loud one, and I know she was pumping his dick through his pants perfectly. Do you like it? She looked back at him so she could see his expression. My wife smiled at him and turned around and grabbed his dick through his pants reaching up again and kissing him full on the lips.

It was like I wasn't even there anyone, despite the fact I was standing right next to him with my hands cuffed behind my back.

I simply Wife gets fucked by cop in awe. They broke their kiss again and my wife undid his fly and reached in. I saw her eyebrows jump as she made it past his boxers and pulled out his black nightmare.

And thats what it was, a nightmare. She pulled it out and squeezed it. I looked down and just from my initial glance it was ten inches easily if not a Wife gets fucked by cop eleven. It was thick too She cupped his black balls and pulled them out also letting them fall down outside of his pants.

They were huge and looked like golf-balls. And without hesitation, she dropped to her knees in front of us both. She rubbed her soft breasts against it, moving it in between her mounds, making sure he could feel every inch of her welcoming flesh against his groin.

Now, how about a "Wife gets fucked by cop" where it counts? My wife smiled up at him and lowered herself more, letting his long, hard and heavy dick lay against her lips for a few seconds before opening wide enough to let him in. She did what she could to pull him in but his length was impossible. Instead, she started rolling her tongue up and down his shaft, keeping her eyes glued on his as she went. Watch Jessica Jaymes criminal husband watches her fuck a cop and other Stunning Jessica Jaymes gets back in the saddle with a big cock.

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song in a sketch from The Chris Rock Show, How to not get your ass Kicked by the Police: "If you're listening to loud rap music turn that shit off!.